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This is a bit of a rant more than anything, I just need some people who understand. :(

I went to the GP this morning as my asthma's really not great, the most obvious symptom at the moment is my sealion cough.

I'm sat in the waiting room unsuccessfully trying not to cough when another patient sat near me turns round to face me, stands up and declares that 'sick people shouldn't come to the doctors' then goes and sits on the other side of the room staring at me everytime I coughed.

I know it's stupid of me to let her upset me, but it really got to me, probably not helped by me feeling pretty unwell anyway. With my other disabilities I struggle enough to interact with others, and this sort of thing just makes me feel really isolated. :(

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That's so unkind, but some people get really stressed waiting. My son and I were called through to the doctor recently, and an elderly lady who'd been looking at her watch and tutting gave us a dirty look and said 'I was next' - as if we were jumping the queue. I asked her what time her appointment was and in fact it was after ours, so the doctor hadnt made a mistake. Although it was just a silly thing, it really upset me, so I know how you feel. Just try to forget it (easier said than done, I know). xx


I really feel for you... but it goes to show that GP surgerys these days are filled with too many people are really are NOT ill....

Dont let it put you off going though, I know its not easy but try and ignore them.



Obviously they were to well to be sick and making trouble. Ignore them and get all the help you need. What shameful behaviour.



oooh yep ive come across this and its so annoying. when in a + e i was really slated by a man who thought he should be seen before me as he came before me - i was having an asthma attack and couldnt stop coughing...also when in hospital ive had old women who complain if i cough especially at night. one ranted and jumped every time is coughed and stated that i should do something about my cough as it was annoying! silly silly people


When I was in hospital earlier this year I had to get one of the nurses to ask another patient to stop spraying her hairspray!! (this was in a respiratory ward). I also had to stop one of the cleaners spraying airfreshener.


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