An Apology

I wanted to apologise if I've inadvertantly upset anyone here in the last week or contributed to any bad feeling here - I really would hate to be responsible for that as I think this can be a great place. Apparently I've been a really irritable difficult person in the last week and I've got a lot of apologies to make that go beyond here.

Anyway, karma turned round and got me (and apparently explains my irritability though I wouldn't want to use that as an excuse, though I hope some of you will understand and it explains things), I had an adrenal crisis and was apparently acting very oddly and snapping when that's not in my character at all - at least I know now to look out for that and people are on instructions to tell me when I'm being a grumpy cow. I got costa-fied, they took one look at me and had me admitted immediately and pumped me full of steroids and fluids and anti-emetics. I'm full or holes and bruises now - suitable punishment, I hope. At least I'm on the right Hydrocortisone treatment now and I'm feeling a little better but pretty scared by all of this. I hope people here can accept this attempt at an apology - I'm not very good at this stuff.

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  • Adrenal crisisses (is that even a word) are horrible. I hope your treatment is sorted soon because I know how scary it is.

  • oh ratty...

    i do hope now dr grin ;) and the other cons can finally work together on this now they got u on te hydrocort and u feeling better soon :)

    arenal crisis make u feel awful and so hope u are on road to recovery and out of costa soon!!!

    btw - view from there is nice, but dont get too used to it ;) sorry thats my weird attempt to

    cheer u up!! :)

    keep in touch as usual hun

    x x x

  • Hi Ratty.Hope you feel better soon xxx

  • Aaw Ratty, we all feel really rough/down/hacked off from time to time. Asthma is bad enough and then other health problems/side effects of meds and all other of life's problems thrown in. Makes you wonder how we cope at all... I hope you feel a bit better soon. xx

  • Poor you! I hope you're feeling much better and on the right treatment now!

    Dawn x

  • Hi Ratty,

    That sounds horrible - I hadn't especially noticed you being grumpy on here anyway, but would be completely understandable if you have been. I know I turn into a grumpy cow when not feeling great and am currently so frustrated I am ranting at anyone/anything that will listen - and I haven't had to deal with what you have.

    I really hope you feel better soon and don't have another adrenal crisis - sounds like you're more stable at least for the moment.

  • Ah Ratty, if you have been, fair dues to you for apologising. Not surprised you've been irritable with that going on.

  • sounds like you have been through an awful experience hope you feel better soon now you are on the right meds.

  • Hi Ratty,

    I don't think you have anything to apologise for but, with everything you have been through recently you are entitled to the grumps now and then!

    I'm glad they have got you on the right treatment finally and hope things continue to improve for you.

    Jac xxx

  • Gosh, you have had a rough time haven't you Ratty. I do hope you start to feel better soon.

    Take care

  • Hope you are feeling better soon...

  • Ratty, you poor thing, it sounds dreadful. Don't beat yourself up, please, you really don't need to.

    Hope you're starting to feel better.


  • Thank you everyone, your replies made me cry (I'm just being a soppy moo right now!), but I am truely sorry if I upset anyone.

    I'm uncostafied, I convinced them I was okay, I really was feeling sooo much better, but I think it's the same as when you're in with asthma, you don't realise how much the hospital environment supports you, just tried a trip to the supermarket a whole 5 minutes away and feel totally drained. They have said I can go back if necessary and I must go back if don't keep any of my meds down. They're also going to give me some special card which gives me immediate access to the hospital.

    Afraid I didn't get a good view Snowygirl, so didn't even get that benefit, they put me in a ward I've not been in before with no windows - 5 beds, 2 docs and 3 nurses - dunno what it was, but the attention I and the other patients got was fantastic - though couldn't cough/itch/turn-over without worried people round me!!

    Does anyone know of any forum/group like this - I've found ones for Addison's but that's not strictly secondary adrenal insufficiency which I have and wasn't sure if they'd let me in!

  • Recover soon sorry your enduring so much presently.


  • Hope you feeling better. We all have our bad times.



  • I hope you have complained about the delay in starting you on hydrocortisone Ratty. With me they said it was a matter of urgency. Can't believe they diagnosed secondary adrenal insufficiency and then let you go away without putting you o hydrocortisone there and then. Hope you are feeling better. Hydrocortisone is giving me indigestion but feeling better generally now I am on it. Certainly got more energy. Got up at 8AM on my day off. It's usually closer to 1PM !

  • Thanks Looby, I haven't made a complaint yet, but I have a feeling things have been said as the top endocrinologist saw me when I was taken in and he wasn't happy at how his colleague had left things. I'm going to ask if it's possible to see this head man when I go back to the clinic as I have no trust in the other doc I saw and I'm scared of having similar effects on me.

    I'm still not convinced they have the hydro dose right; I have an appointment with my GP on weds, but can go in tomorrow if I can't get through till weds. Unlike your experience I can't get up in the morning at all (which isn't nnormal for me even though I'm a student!!), however once I have, literally, pulled myself out of bed and the first dose has had time to get into me I have a big surge in energy and a few hours of major productivity and slight hyperness but then have two dips followed by peaks with the following doses, but then by about 6pm I just want to be sleeping - I actually can't sit down to watch telly as I do just fall asleep.

    I'm really struggling with the nausea still which to me suggests that something else isn't quite right - I'm taking Domperidone and Cyclizine just to control the vomiting enough to keep my meds and some food down - and I'm up and down thoughout the day depending on when I've had the meds. At least the irritability's more controlled!

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