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Slightly odd one, wondered if anyone has experienced this or can explain it?

I've been struggling with my asthma for a while, quite symptomatic, lower peak flows, and have felt quite 'asthmaticy'.

In the last few days I've felt less symptomatic/'asthmaticy' (though still quite tight, just not coughing, making orchestral noises, etc.) BUT my peak flows have dropped quite considerably, well below my 'get help now' stage (I've contacted my nurse and am in to see my consultant on Thurs).

How can I have low peak flows but hardly be symptomatic?

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Hi Ratty

How interesting you should post this, my sons peak flow is currently reading at almost half what it can be and yet he has no other asthma symptoms that are obvious to me anyway, he has been like this for about 2weeks but has not needed a huge amount of ventolin and isn't coughing hardly at all and chest seems clear, I am on tenderhooks thinking everyday he is going to have an attack but he seems fine and is carrying on as normal!! Very strange I look forward to reading any replys you have. I hope you continue to stay well.

Clare x


Thanks - yes it is odd, my PEFs just under 60%, I've been in Costa with better PEFs! Will have to see what happens I suppose and hope. :)



I quite often have low peak flows but have no symptoms at all, I usually just go with how I am feeling, but keep a closer eye on my peak flows than normal. I also usually find that this happens, when I have not been as good, but not bad enough for anything apart from increasing my preventer.

Hope this helps

Lindsay xx


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