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Damn the observant GP!!!

My asthma's been playing up a little recently, and really hasn't taken to the hot humid weather today. I had to see my GP about something totally unconnected, and I thought I'd managed to get away with hiding my grumpy lungs from her. Finished the consultation, thinking I was about to leave, and she turns to me and says ""so, do we need to talk about your asthma now?"" Damn. She'd noticed I'd written everything down so I didn't have to talk much, she'd noticed my one-word answers so I didn't get out of breath talking, she noticed me trying to hide that I was short of breath, she'd heard me coughing in the waiting room, and she noticed the inhaler hidden in my pocket.

Well she gets 10/10 for observation! No point to this post, I was just pretty impressed and I think 'good GP' stories are important to balance out the negatives. And yes, I've promised I'll be good and follow my plan. :)

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Good on the GP! If she's your usual GP she will have picked up the signs. My mum can tell by one look at me if I'm not too good - she also can tell over the phone by my voice. And I'm the same with my son!

Hope you feel a bit better soon.


Well done general practioner. I saw this happen while at the at hospital for a different compliant. The doctor realised I am asthmatic and listens to my chest as precautionary measure.



Top marks for your GP! Nice to hear about the good ones.

Not that I was trying to hide it, but had a similar experience last week with my GP - wasn't there for breathing issues, was trying to explain why I was there but since I was obviously very short of breath and then told him that no, in fact I had not just run there (like that would happen!), it kind of turned into a consultation about that (though I did also get what I'd come for).

I wouldn't have seen him just for breathing because I know there's nothing he could do, but I was impressed that he didn't just let it slide and took a while to ask what was happening and how I'd been managing, and wanted to make sure I kept him updated with what was happening at the hospital.


Wow, keep hearing about these GPs, send them my way. In all fairness, they aren't bad just not as on the ball esp the receptionists/nurses/doc message blackhole where they never know when I've let them know e.g. as requested when I start prednisolone.

Nice to know they're observant and looking out for you. Good that they're confident with asthma too, I keep getting 'wait for hospital appt' after atrovent added and take steroids if I feel I need them


Yeah, she is my regular GP and she is fantastic with my asthma. Even had my consultant saying how good she is. Only trouble is she's 'over-good' if that's possible (I know, I know, us asthmatics, never satisfied!), I have to go back and see her tomorrow just so she can check everything's okay so I don't end up going into the weekend and deteriorating.

Unfortuantly my GP in within my uni health service so I won't be able to stay registered with her and will have to find a new GP after Christmas - if anyone has any tips for finding fantastic GPs, I'd be really greatful!


GPs can vary so much, even within individual practices. The one GP who always has gaps in his list at my practice isn't that great and the only time I have ever had proactive GP treatment is when I've managed to get in to see another doctor. The first one just doles out antibiotics for long term chest infections. The second one listens to my chest properly, sends me for chest XRays and monitors my asthma medication and changes it if necessary, makes follow up appointments and takes the time to ask me about my lifestyle and what triggers my symptoms. He picked up recently that my asthma wasn't being properly managed ('out of control' were his words) and stepped in to make improvements. He's great but he's so popular you can hardly ever get an appointment with him!


Oh no Ratty, she sounds so good I would be really cross to lose her too! KEB, always the way with the good ones isn't it? Though I shouldn't complain, we have so many GPs round here that you can usually get an appt with one of the 2 good ones in a reasonable period (the hospital clinics are another story).

Mine were my college practice and I came back to them when I moved as I knew there were at least 2 good ones there. Luckily they're not just a uni surgery so I can still be registered; I have no idea how you find a good GP except trial and error. I used to work as a researcher for a company which published legal directories so you could find a good lawyer in any given area, and we rated them on various criteria and spoke to clients etc. Unfortunately it wouldn't be possible to do that for GPs which is a shame as would be very handy.


We are really lucky as we have some great GPs and the best thing is, we can get an appointment within 24-48 hours. It is trial and error and a bit of luck I think.

I think it goes on personal preference as well - like my opinion of a great GP is different to my best mate. Ive discovered having a good GP is actually an advantage and it has been a great help (Im scared of doctors/needles etc) and Im not as anxious as I used to be....still dont like going though!


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