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Dented Inhaler

Does anyone know if it's okay to use a dented MDI inhaler (Ventolin) or if a couple of big dents will effect the delivery/medication?

I had my inhaler in my pocket last week when I had a bit of a nasty fall and landed with the fall weight of my body right where my pocket was. The blue plastic casing broke and the canister is squashed - oh and I have a fantastic inhaler shaped bruise!!!

The canister was fairly new - can I put it into another casing so as not to waste the medication, or would I be best just to throw it out (I have a spare) - seems such a waste.

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I cant see that it would make any difference unless there is a hole in the metal, but then it wouldn't work. So go ahead, if its no good, take it back to the pharmacy they should swap it for a new one.


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