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ITV Programme - 999 Condition Critical

I don't know if anyone saw this programme on ITV tonight (well last night now, I'm doing not sleeping at all at the moment, hence posting at this time) - it was one of the 'Tonight' series and can be seen again on ITV Player.

It's really left me freaked out and I could do with a bit of reassurance. I'm sure it's a case partly of trying to make good TV, but normally I see through these and don't let them effect me, but this one really got to me. Their claims were essentially about under-qualified ambulance staff being sent (rather than paramedics) to life-threatening cases - they mentioned for instance anaphylactic reactions and staff not being allowed to administer emergency drugs - and the potential consequences of this.

I have to say I have had no experience of this - I've had ambulances called several times both for my asthma and other conditions and in all cases I have received exceptional care. The only problem I've had is the lost crew that couldn't find my GP's surgery - only time I've seen my GP flap at all! I've had problems at A&E where the ambulance staff have treated me so well the A&E docs haven't believed how unwell I was when they picked me up, but never had problems with ambulance staff who were not able to offer me the care I needed.

Did this programme just pick out a few exceptional cases or have I been lucky (and hence should I be worrying)?

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I've had a few paramedics who get there little book out and have to look up the next step in treatment they can give me. Never feel safe in there hands! Usually they just scoop and run as I live 5 mins from the hosp.


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