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Bone Scan

Has anyone here had a bone scan in nuclear medicine? I've got one tomorrow and I'm just wondering what to expect. It's not a density scan thing, I've already had one of those, they're looking at the structure of the bones and seeing if there are small fractures, this time they've said to allow 5 1/2 hours - that seems a really long time so I'm wondering what they're going to do to me :S

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HI Ratty,

when my son had his done ,he was injected with something so the scans showed more



Think it's the same thing my father in law had. I've sent you a PM - explaining all about it.


Thanks for the info here and by PM. Had the scan today, it wasn't too bad apart from the whole body scan (had 5 scans in all) where the machine was very close to my face and I felt a bit like a sandwich filling!


bone scan

yes I've had a bone scan in nuclear medicine as I have breast cancer and it seemed to go on for ever!


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