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why now

my little girl got prescribed a blue inhalour at 3 but hasnt used it in some time. now shes 8 and it hadnt bothered her until a few wks ago - she took an attack and had to be nebulised twice she had never had steroids before, no but sudenly she has got extreemly worse. iv had asthma since i was born but i never though i would have to c my own child gasping for breath. its scarry

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hiya there

Sorry to hear your little one has been so poorly. I hope she soon feels better. This can unfortunately happen. I was diagnosed as a baby as i wheezed a lot, it never really caused too many problems till i was around 6 or 7yrs old then it seemed to get a lot worse till i was on two inhalers and tablets etc. Things settled again till i was in my early teens where it again stepped up a gear and has since then got progressively worse and worse till i was diagnosed brittle a decade or so ago.

My brother on the other hand who is 3 years younger was also diagnosed as a baby. He was very very severe and had numerous severe attacks frequently needing nebs etc-by the time he was in his early teens tho he wasn't anywhere near as bad and they managed to reduce his treatment right down to just two inhalers. From his mid to late teens my brother has only had a reliever inhaler and rarely needed to use it. He is still asthmatic however he now only ever needs to take his inhaler when he has a bad infection and usually finds that he only needs a couple off puffs every day for the course of the infection.

Everyone is different, what you may find is that your daughter is just going through a stage which has caused her asthma to flare up again. It doesn't mean that this will be forever or that it will keep escalating, you may find things will settle just as quickly as they started.

Its been a difficult summer/autumn (so far) for a lot of us asthmatics due to the spores and weather changes plus the regular colds and flu bugs doing the rounds. If your ever worried then take her to the gp/hospital if its bad etc you know your child better than anyone.

If you are concerned that things have got lots worse recently and your daughter isn't seeing a hospital consultant you could always ask your gp for a referral to see one who may be able to answer any specific concerns you have and put your mind at rest.

In the meantime i hope that she soon feels much better feel free to PM me if i can help anymore or if you need to chat/offload to someone. The boards are full of very helpful people who are all in similar or the same position which is great. Its a great place to get good advice and answers for any questions you may have about asthma.

Oh - also if you wanted to you could call the advice line at auk- the nurses are very very helpful and you can talk through your specific queries with them and they can point you to the best place to get help/answers if they cant help you specifically. The number to call is 0800 1216244.

Take care lotsa lv kat Xx


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