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Nurse who was distinctly unhelpful

I have had asthma since i was 5, and it seemed to dissapear between the ages of 7 until i was 15 then suddenly my asthma came back. I went to the asthma nurse at my local doctors, and she watched my use my old inhaler and told me i was doing it ALLL wrong. I was a bit embarassed, so asked how to do it right, and she told me she couldn't tell me how to take my new inhaler, she gave me one of those delightfully large tubes to help me use my new inhaller and sent me on my way. I later went to my doctor about it, because i really didn't want to not know how to use my puffer, and got a similar response from him, like they didn't have the time just to show me how to use it :-(. It wasn't untill 2 years ago when i went to a new doctor in a new practise, that they sat me down and said i was only getting something so small and silly wrong, and let me practise, and reassured me greatly. It now seems so sad how belittled i felt, i hope this kind of instance isn't common amoung asthma sufferer's.

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That's horrible, & the last thing you need when you're not feeling well. Glad to hear you've found a better GP now.

I just thought it worth mentioning, in case anyone else is having a similar problem, that I've been asked by a pharmasist if I needed showing how to use mine. I don't know if it's something they're all trained in though?


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