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Newbie out of inhaler

Hi, I'm new to this, so please bear with me. I have just realised I have no ventolin left - the inhalers seem to run out very suddenlt these days, and am wondering how I can get another at this time. I get very anxious without my inhaler, and already am beginning to wheeze slightly. I live in Cornwall - don't want to cause massive drama by going to hospital.Any ideas would be much appreciated.

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Hello Selina,

Do you have a chemist, a late night one near by such as at a supermarket.??

Take your empty inhaler and any repeat scrips with you and they should be able to dispense an emergency one for you and get the prescription later.

I always get mine it 2s so have a spare or 4 around.

Otherwise, please go to A&E or minor injuries or even phone NHS Direct to get one. It is better to get one from A&E etc if poss rather than wait untill you get worse. Don't worry about going to A&E, better to be sorted.

Hope this helps



Everything shut

Thank you Kate - I hadn't thought of going to a chemist's with just the repeat prescription slip ---thought they would only accept a proper prescription . That's really useful, problem is every chemist is shut now. This is Cornwall for you!


Call NHS Direct on 0845 46 47 and ask them what you should do as they be able to help more with solutions for where you are I think better than we can BUT if you get nowhere then goto A+E (but be prepared to wait) !!

But better ya get one BEFORE you need it majorly than end up needing emergency treatment because you didnt get one !!

Think we have ALl done this when we first started out hun so dont worry !!



hope you got sorted out. I had that happen once - now have spare inhalers everywhere - car, different bags, desk at work, bedroom, kitchen, lounge - you name it - think 'cos I'm so scared of it happening again!


Just thought hun ONCE ya sorted it out THIS time please BOOK an appt with ya GP and demand a script for 4 or more Ventolin (even if it a ONE off for that amount it is best to have appt so you can explain why you want them - you will have spares then)!!


emergency chemist

hi selia, i think every city has at least 1 emergency chemist available every night. they probably appear closed as i think they use a kind of on~call system. the contact phone numbers are usually listed in the local paper and may be on the council website. failing this you could call your gp out of hours number and explain your situation. they may be able to give you the number of the out of hours chemist or even bring you an inhaler, though if you have transport they might ask you to collect 1 at their building.

i hope this is useful and you get it sorted quickly. try not to get too anxious coz stress can make things worse, and promise us that if you think you're getting anywhere near trouble with your breathing that you'll either go to a&e or call an ambulance.

take care honey.



BeckyG I live in Devon now but lived in Cornwall for many years I suspect that even if Selina is in striking distance of either Truro or Plymouth she will be lucky to find a 24 hour chemist.

Selina, I don't know where you are in Cornwall but the MIU at launsceston rescued me with inhalers before now and I am sure the others dotted around will be OK if you go and ask.

Much as I hate to fly in the face of wheezers advice ask your GP nicely if you can have a script for a spare before demanding, I find my drs far more compliant when I am nice to them :)

Good luck, and don't forget if you feel an attack comong get help right away.



Re Newbie out of inhaler

Thank you so much everyone for your advice - so kind, and I really got some useful info.

Got an inhaler via Kernowdoc, the out-of hours surgery team who phoned through to Penrice, the local minor injuries hospital in St Austell, where we live.

But its true - no off-duty chemists in Cornwall on Saturday nights beyond 6pm! Tesco in Truro stay open midweek till 8pm, but that's all! So I will go back to my doc next week and ask if i can have a spare inhaler. He's rather impatient and cold, so I always dread seeing him, but will definitely have a go.

Thanks so much - I can relax for the weekend now!



Ah dear old KernowDoc :) Glad you got sorted

If you don't like your GP change either to another in the prractice or to different practice. I am sure St Austell will have more than one practrice (but don't bank on it Launeston only had one). It really is not worth struggling with a GP you don't like if you can change do it!



When I said demand I meant it in a way that you DON'T leave till you have a script for spare inhalers !!

Being forcefull or demanding with *some* gp's is the only way to be !!

My gp is very good and most the others are BUT every now and again putting ya foot down is the only way to make them realise that it is your LIFE in their hands !!

When I was on inhaler relievers and not nebs I had to put my foot down as they would only script 1 per repeat !!

Well every time it ran out *no way of telling what was left in it* I had to go for an appt to get urgent script !!

The gp's moaned and moaned then I moaned back saying ""Well prescribed more then"" !!

But I honestly didn't mean demand as in being rude JUST standing up for yourself after all it is YOUR life !!


thats strange wheezer, especially considering how severe your asthma actually is. I'm only (well id say mild but doc thinks differently), mod/severe, but i get 2 per,

whats the inhaler protocal where you live?


It's really odd to hear about people only being given 1 reliever at a time, since i swapped from rotacaps to a 'proper' reliever inhaler, i've always had 2 at a time and on repeat for up to 6 times. I thought giving out 2 at a time was the norm, obivously not. Does seem a bit odd, especially if you have to pay for your prescription each time.



Errrrmmm I did say WHEN I was on inhalers lol

I ave been using nebs for nearly 12yrs now lol

For the carry around inhalers they give me just in case I get and attack away from a neb I have 2x on a script as I would empty the turbohaler before I'd get any relief in a bad attack (if I couldnt get to a neb) lol


I only get one of ventolin and flixotide on repeat but two of seretide and atrovent inhalers i don't know why and i've asked them to change it repeatedly but they never have and as i have a prepayment it really doesn't matter that much to me. My daughters only get one becotide and one ventolin per repeat script so i just have to make sure i always have a new one in the cupboard.

Wierd how diferent dr's work!


I've always had 2x ventolin on repeat but only ever 1x seretide. i didn't used to mind but now q annoying now as go through 1 seretide a month but they won't up it to 2!

I also order ventolin just before I take my last one out of the cupboard so I always have at least 1 full spare (as well as the multitude knocking around the house and car!)


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