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HI everyone,

for the past week i have been plagued with migraines. Been to the docs and he has prescribed strong pain killers and a pill to lessen the attacks, the only problem is the pain killers are upsetting my asthma (contain asprin). so its swings and roundabouts if i take the tablets then i end up with an asthma attack if i dont then the migraine gets really severe. Any suggestions PLEASE!!!!!!!!

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Get in touch with your GP and explain whats happening . There are plenty of meds that will help that dont contain aspirin.Have you tried migraleve you can get it OTC?

Hope you feel better soon.


I suffered badly with migraines unfort because am brittle there is no preventative that is safe but my cons started me on metacloprimide which is an anti sickess three times a day and its worked has really lessoned the frequency although when get them are still as bad. they dont know how this drug works and doesnt for all but has for me. As for analgesia like Kate said you need to make your GP aware tha aspirin is upsetting your asthma as theres plenty within it for then to prescribe you.

Good luck

Andrea xx


Are you sure its migraines and not just really bad headaches. I suffer with migraines but the last couple of months I've been having headaches nearly every day that weren't migraines. My migraines tend to affect the side of the head, behind the ear and neck whereas these were like being garotted around the head with pain mainly accross front and sides. I saw the Dr about them again yesterday. He says they could be tension / pressure headaches and has prescribed me with very very mild antidepressants instead of the prescribed pain killers that didn't work. He reckons that is what neurologists would prescribe for those kinds of headaches. So far so good.




Thanks for your suggestions my doc is aware that the pain killers are upsetting my asthma but he says to carry on with them. I have tried migraleve and imigran no results, i take zomig now which is prescribed. My headaches are always at the front above the eyes and i vomit, cant focus, sensitive to light and noise, where as a normal headache dosent effect me this way. Anyway thanks again i shall keep you posted


I get these as well and use pizotifen and I am on a steady repeat prescription of them. They work pretty well and do not hit my asthma.


I was given domperidone and paracetamol for my migraines. Seems to work fairly well but also take codeine phosphate if the pain is too severe. Do you get visual disturbances with them? Different people have different symptoms but it is always a lot more than just a bad headache.


Hi angela,

I dont get visual disturbances as i have a sensivity to light so i have to lie in a dark room and try too sleep. My drugs help with this as they make me sleepy


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