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Stress and worse asthma

Hi I would just like to ask if anyone else finds their asthma getting wosre in times of stress. This past two weeks I have had an infection which I was prescribed amoxil and pred, I thought it was getting better but my mum in law passed away yesterday and yet again I am symtomatic again, could thhis be due to stress. I really could do without more steriods as they make me put on weight which I am winning at the moment. Does anyone have any suggestions?

Many thanks in advance


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Stress and asthma are undoubtably linked, I find at times of high sudden stress the adrenalin surge carries you through the initial stuff but then as things calm down a bit the asthma plays up. I don't have an answer I wish I did all I can advise is don't stress about it, because that will make it worse and you will be going around in a vicious circle. I know what you mean about pred but short courses should not pile on too much weight just try to avoid pigging out which is hard as pred gives you the munchies.



Belinda, my deepest sympathies to you on the loss of your mother-in-law.

Oh yes, stress of loosing a loved one, something going wrong at work, asthma get worse, computer crashes bad asthma, tax bill drops through the letter box another stress, asthma getting worse=more stress, and then endless circle.

Some suggest that you try yoga, or more specifically the meditation and that works for some.


For me stress and asthma are highly linked............ I'm quite a stress bunny and even thought I try not to be, I can always tell that the stress is getting the better of me by the tightness of my chest!


Hi Belinda,

My sympathy too on your recent loss.

Dec 2007, my dear sister-in-law died. In the weeks leading up to her passing, every time I visited the hospice, I coughed and coughed my head off. I'm sure some of the other patients' relatives could have seen me far enough.

So I reckon, yes, stress could bring on symptoms.

GM x


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