hi i'm katie i'm new to here, i have had asthma since i was 16, but now a 38 have become worse over the past 3 years, yes i ignored all by carrying on smoking now today have been told i might have copd by the chest clinic as i can hardly breath,

i had a x ray and blood done and have now gotta have a scan done is this a normal way to get to know and also been referred to a pulmory rehab for help with breathing has any one been to this if so wot do thay do


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  • hi katty, no I haven't done pulmonary rehab but know a couple of guys who have and say it was a great help, sure someone else on the site will know more

    The scan will be for diagnostic purposes, to see exactly what's wrong, as the term COPD is now used to cover a whole range of lung complaints

    don't panic katty, I have COPD (bronchiectasis diagnosed aged 43 ish) & asthma too (since infancy). The COPD was dead scary at first but once you know exactly what you're up against then, like me, you will hopefully get excellent treatment, get a regime sorted and get back in control of things.

    don't beat yourself up over the smoking katty - we all do crazy things we live to regret and hindsight is a wonderful thing as they say - with luck the scan might show very little actual lung damage - but obviously give it up now if you can, it's never too late!

    look to the future katty, COPD conjures up images of very sick people with emphysema etc but it isn't always like that as I and probably many others can testify - my diagnosis was 12 years ago now and apart from a few setbacks I am still going strong

    good luck

  • Katie -

    Hope you find out something soon. The sooner you know what you're dealing with, the better placed you are to deal with it. Good luck.

    Just a quick question - does bronchiectasis count as COPD then?

  • thanx all for ur messages i have gave up, first day today and too be hinest i aint missed smoking, tried to give up b4 but always had the one that led to 2 ya know wot i mean, but i know if i dont succed i will be in a box,

    but thanx for all your words it has helped a lot

    good luck with all ur recoverys

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