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inhalers gonna last ??

normally on my repeat prescription i been having 3 salbutamol inhalers a month, and that seems to last me, during a 'good' phase, however during recent times i have used quite a lot more than that and on discharge from hospital and A+E i have asked for extra inhalers as i know i will use them!!

so now my repeat has gone up to 4 x salbutamol inhalers a month.... only this week alone, as i am still recovering, and have been struggling a little :s i have gone through 3 already.....

i have 3 inhalers here and nebs and my repeat script is due end march :S

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If you book in see doc he will do you one off ones that arnt on repeat xxxx


yea thanks glynis, thats what i had to do today! gone thru 3 already this week :S so he had to do another script with another 3 on it as my repeat not due yet :(

hope u r well glynis x


I use inhalers and nebs a lot, but surely you would be better off using nebs more frequently if you are getting through that many inhalers a week?


i am under strict instructions from consultant ONLY to use neb at same time as dialling 999 so otherwise i use my inhaler (via spacer) to relieve symptoms and hope that it works.

10 puffs of inhaler (via spacer) is same as neb dose...

managing 4hrly now 6-10 puff, trying to wean down to just 'when needed' taking a while, hence why i have used 3 this week and now half way through my 4th ..... but yes i have needed one neb also- wednesday :(

chest infection not making it easy!

better today than previously though so things looking up :)


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