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management of self enough?

just came back from costa after trying sooo hard to avoid going back into their clutches yet again...

they gave me nebs, plus i gave myself few puffs in waiting room whilst struggling waiting to be seen as didnt go thru to resus this time (unusual for me!)

after few nebs, PF 400 which is a first for a while, must be the 4th course of antibiotics in 2 weeks and all the sally / atrovent kicking in, hey!! so they said dont need to be kept in, can go home as i seem to have done a good job in managing it myself since beng discharged last fri, albeit too soon . . . ???

so gotta continue on the nebs / inh and with the abx and if worse later to ring 999 .

just rung asthma nurse when got back for advice, and i said to be honest i had just given up and wanted to be kept in costa, i am overly exhausted, in pain constantly, coughing, wheezing and no sleep :(

she advised if <3hrly then go back and if unable talk in full sentence - no questions - ring 999. defo!

at least someone lsitens to me!!


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