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5th inh this week! :S

just started my 5th salbutamol inhaler this week.... hopefulle though am onthe mend, things starting to improve and so wont need to use up Boots whole supply of ventolin by the end of the month!!

new nebuliser due to be delivered tomorrow too, but as instrutcted by resp consultant, only to be used in dire emergency at same time as ringing 999 ....


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wow that seems like an awful lot, are you sure that you should not be checked out? more due to the side effects of such a lot in such a short space of time more than anything?

Take care tho x


PS: like the name,,,,, I think were going to get mixed up!


haha! hi snowy - i am a browny leader and snowy owl is my name there- hence my profile name :)

i was discharged from hospital, costa del nhs, last sunday after having 2 x hdu admissisons in 9 days and been recovering this week, struggling to wean down the salbutamol... (chest infection on top dunt help)

then back to a+e wed for nebs and stronger antibiotics, then last nite had to call out of hr gp but lickily nebs worked wivout need for green men/women taken me to ambulance to hospital again... so hence why i have used so many blue inh this week....

gp knows and did make faces when i asked for urgent repeat script yesterday, as well as repeat sick note for work :(

seem to be keeping nellie at bay today ish, though x

x x


... oh as for side effects, heart rate orite, sally shakes like crazy at times, tipping my drinks all over place, so TOMMY Tippee cup would be handy lol x


...lol, my man just bought me a tommee tippee today for my salbutamol shakes (and associated clumsiness). Just need to work out how to fill it without spilling when he's not around. Hope you feel better soon, sounds like you're having a really rough ride at the moment. xx



yeah you could say that! i feel like i am on the biggest rollercoaster with no stop sign!!

thankfully nellie is making frequent appearances along with the odd wheezy chorus, but sally inh is doing magic when she is needed and lying in front of tv doing nothing except eating chocolate helps massively :)

managing >4hrly now and down to 30mg pred but contemplating staying on 40mg for few more days...

hope u r well nimueh x


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