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not wanting to stay

hey guys

was on the bus home from gp earlier, when woman got on. could have sworn she bathed in her perfume as well as half the contents of her bathroom cabinet as well as Boots + superdrug pharmacy.... i could feel my airways seize up almost instantly so knew i was in trouble...

tried my inh x 10 puff but nothing. went to nearest A+E which luckily was literally round the corner and was whiskd stright thru to resus.

had hardly any chest movement as chest so tite, coudly barely breathe, sats okay tho :S they almst always are...

had countless nebs, oxygen, unrecordable peakflow at first. iv magnesium + hydrocort. then felt a little better.

they tried 6 times to do ABG but failed - screamed in pain - with no voice... but with tears.

they wanted to keep me in as so poorly and stright to hdu to start amino iv but i refused... stupid i know. but you see, its same hospital as where i was last year where i havent been since as they overdosed me on amino and caused cardiac arrest :S can u blame me taking the risk ??

so i signed forms and discharged myself after feeling better from countless nebs, and the iv mag kicked in enough to allow me to breathe and talk!!

all this when i am on max pred, so its kinda worrying if not even responding to pred now... not sure what next treatment is :S hmmm...

anyways i made promise to docs in A+E i would take my nebs regularly overnite - who would be stupid not too, right ?? - and to ring 999 if i couldnt manage

x x x

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Sorry you had a tough time and can see why you wanted get out quick x

Take it easy and rest up with your nebs, 999 on stand by.

love glynis xxx


I've been overdosed on aminophylline too, I completely lost all faith in that team, luckily I get treated in a different hospital now. I can totally understand your reluctance to be admitted!!

I've also self discharged from A&E a few times. Whilst it's not something I'd advise most people to do, I think we know our bodies and are sensible enough to not self discharge if we're feeling awful, and also know to get ourselves back to hospital if neccessary!

How are you feeling today? I hope you got through the night okay!


thanks guys

update - made it through the night with bout 3 hrs sleep between nebs + inhalers :(

got constant tite chest as well as sneezing and runny nose today cos of hayfever :S

pf 330 (55%) still despite inc pred yet again .... still managing to avoid costa.

even managed to catch up with a friend in cafe next door for coffee :) which incidentally has same properties as aminophylline ;)

x x x


Not Wanting to Stay

Hello, Maybe I'm a little late on this but...

I know what you mean here. I have never been overdosed at the hospital but, I have been mistreated or refused treatment at one poor excuse for a hospital some years ago. I did my best to not go there again, even when I felt that my life was at stake! Because I felt like they would literally kill me - I just traveled further to a hospital that I trusted. I did wind up in the incompetent hospital again about three years ago though, consequently because I became unconscious during an ambulance transport. I was so ill that I didn't wake up for three days (that is how long I was in respiratory arrest). When I came to, I could not talk for one day or walk for the next 10 days. I was finally released because the hospital said that my blood oxygen levels were back to normal though, my chest was still so tight that I struggled to breathe and I could not stand up on my own (I really was discharged because I did not have health insurance and the hospital did not want to ""waste"" anymore money on treating me). Anyway, I know first hand why you left and I would have also! After my experience, I went to my GP and she was glad that I did. She was shocked that I was let out from the hospital and treated me there in her office. Maybe, the next time you have such an experience - just walk into your regular doctor's office, I find it difficult to believe that they will turn you away. And one more thing: I have had success with Traditional Chinese Medicine in the past, it helped to strengthen my dwindling immune system from all the steroids I was on for my asthma. Maybe give it a shot - It's less expensive than conventional medicine when you go straight to the Chinese and there are no side affects - Good Luck:)


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