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hey guys

went for my asthma cons review last thurs. my cons was off sick himself last week so i see his registrar instead. was due to have the 2nd xolair injection only it was 2 days after my 25 day stay in ITU/HDU and was still unwell with pain etc and recovering. also, after the first dose i also reacted and so after speaing with both the registrar and the xolair nurse and the asthma nurse - not my normal asthma nurse, it was decided to give me a month to recover and then restart the xolair trial from the bginning :S which i am unsure about. i tn ased if the xolair didnt work, which myself and the cons had both agreed previously we didnt think it will as i am more irrtant triggered than allergen if that makes sense ?? then what is the next step ofretet o be considered - methotrexate. i am certainly not happy bout that as i know that to be chemoptherapy drug i used to give to my onology children in work so more than aware of its side effects :(

i looked at her in horror!

anyways i asked her bout the brompton and shsaid they couldnt refer me as they dont do cons to cons referrals money reasons so gp would need to - and ask to be referred to difficult asthma protocol unit.

so i spoke withgp who is referring me urgently, i have to ring gp today with name of cons i wish to see, and i am now being seen by them at the RBH, difficult asthma unit at the end of july (going to wales the next 3 weeks otherwise would have been sooner) so that they can sort me out, discuss ntreatments and arrange an elective admission. HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY!!!!



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That's fantastic news, Snowygirl! The Brompton has been the place that restored my hope, so I have my fingers crossed for you that they can help straighten things out for you.

I'll probably be in for a couple of weeks in early August, so I'll look out for you if your elective admission is around that time!

Hoping that you stay well in the meantime.



i hope so, cos i feel i am stuck between a pillar and hard place where i am at the mo!

to me RBH are Gods lol

may see you in August lol

you stay well too



woohoo! Crossed fingers they do come up with something, but from what I've seen on here they seem to be good at coming up with solutions by just starting from scratch and looking at everything with a fresh set of (expert) eyes.


Thats great news hun that you've been referred to RBH! I also started Xolair, only to be told I was too ill to have the following injections, then had to restart the regime, then it was stopped as it didn't do much but I had side effects.

Methotrexate was also mentioned at my cons appt yesterday, horror would describe the look on my face too!!

I'll be really interested to know what happens as a result of your referral, and of course, I hope it's beneficial to you!


glitterdust it would seem me and you are like twins lol

think we got same cons!! haha

hoping the rbh got some answers and sort me out :(

x x x


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