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pred causing low immunity ?

i joined an agency for extra work, and needed to know my immunity status for mumps,which i didnt need for my other job - only measles and rubella, of which i am immune.

it came back as negative, showing not immune to mumps, yet this has not been picked up before, dispt me being in med profession 8 years now and in contact with measles, mumps and rubella and fortunately not catcing any...

i had 2 x mmr vaccines as a baby, but only one can be found in my records anywhere ?

anyways what i wondered was, as i know pred longterm lowers your immunity, whether that has showed a negative result, or given a false negative ?? obvously i am not well enough to go back to work or start agency quite yet, but before i do start agency, i need another mmr, but then will it work if am on pred or will i have the same prob again ??

any ideas ??


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Hi snowy

this is something i wonder about also

sorry i cant provide answer youre looking for :)

I always get a cold sore whenever on pred tabs.

Im pretty certain pred tabs do lower immunity.

They always make me feel bit sick & many times i use pred. I always seem to pick up a virus or bug.

This happens every time. Which means surely it is not just coincidental.

Also, ive been told its down to being run down & lowering my immunity.

When im off pred, i never seem to get cold sores, so in my opinion, pred does lower



I asked my GP about this and he said the use of steroids and antibiotics lowers the immune system. We're between a rock and a hard place!!


catch 22 situation isnt it ?!



If a person is having pred for a long time or having high doses they are classed as immunocompromised,

i have just copied and pasted this, from

""No matter how immunodeficiency is produced, it results in increased risk for infections, including vaccine-preventable infections, and their complications. Fortunately, except in the case of allogeneic bone marrow transplants, patients who become immunocompromised retain immunity developed from previous vaccinations and, therefore, remain protected from the diseases for which they have been immunized"" but you will need extra vacs e.g flu jab, pneumoccocal so speak to your practice nurse for advice, hope this helps.x


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