anti pollen blinds

i heard a segment on daybreak on itv that you can get anti pollen blinds for the windows that can help for hayfever :) that would be very helpful for majority if not all of us sufferers here wouldnt it ??

anyways, the only place i know of to get such is lidl and they are less than £2 there, but everytime i go there, they are out of stock. any ideas anywhere else can try??? tried searching on google and not getting anywhere!

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  • have you looked on ebay

  • no i havent will try tho amanda thanks :)

    went to lidl and they sold out completely and said dunno when having more in cos everyne been buying them!


  • INSU do pollen blinds

  • its ok ebay have everything

  • Sorry can't help with the blinds but when Amanda said 'eBay have everything' it made me laugh as whatever I type into Google I ALWAYS get an ad saying 'buy X on eBay' even if I put in something totally random like 'Roman empire'.

    Apparently you can buy the Roman empire on eBay - bargain!

  • will have to try INSU as ebay no luck - had no idea what i was talking bout lol

    roman empire, how cool would that be haha


  • will have too look for that it would be cool. I will keep looking for you hun as its up dated all the time

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