big one coming??

having lots of lil attacks... sally helping, and on 30mg pred, due to reduce 25mg pred tomorrow (my maintenance will eventually be 15mg, i think :S) just hoping and praying that doesnt mean big one isnt on it's way.. hate that feeling.

awake most of last night coughing and tight, as i know a few of us were too, managed to use up a whole blue inh to relieve symptoms :S avoided costa luckily...


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  • I do hope you start to feel better soon Snowygirl

  • How are you feeling now Snowygirl

  • am okay no costa etc... managin to control with sally by my side but repeating burst every so often.

    sick of feeling tite + coughing and feeling constant tired :(

    hope to get some sleep tonite and things better in morning ...

    hope you okay?

    x x x

  • Well done you for avoiding costa.

    I know exactly how you must be feeling that tight feeling, coughing etc is horrible and even worse when not getting a decent night's sleep

  • Good luck! Please don't leave it too long if you need help.

    Tina x

  • :) thanks

    just soooo exhausting being awake most of night the few lil attacks during day which i managed to control :) tiring aint the word. hoping for decent nite's sleep and less of blue inh usage PLEASE!!!

    i know if i get as bad as last nite or worse then i need to go costa ... dont worry :) but i feel better - just so tired, and lil tite ... sally working :)


  • How did you do overnight, Snowygirl. Hope you managed a reasonable amount of sleep and that symptoms have started to reduce.


  • did orite overnight, managed some sleep not quite sure how much??

    wasnt so much the coughing but the tightness + occ wheeze but sally worked and kept me away from costa :)

    feeling bit better this morning, just tired!!


  • biggish one hit today :( back to costa i went . . .


  • Aww Snowygirl, hope they're treating you well and you escape soon. :D

  • Sorry to hear that and hope you're well enough to escape soon.


  • Snowygirl,

    Sorry to hear you are in costa hope you mange to escape soon

  • hope you get out soon hun. Hugs to you xx

  • rebound attack hit whilst in costa last nite :( but treated well, improved today and waiting to escape :)

    not convinced rite idea after allmeds they pumped into me!! lol but prob be more relaxed at home and can rest better.

    thanks for all the support and posts guys

    hope all are well x x x

  • Hope you're out now or about to escape! Crossed fingers asthma nurse tomorrow comes up with something. xx

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