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how much more can my poor body take - options?

how much more can my poor body and mind take??

3 guesses where i ended up after a lovely evening of song and raise tonite with my best friend (the one who is also a doctor conveniently!) hmmm...

not so much tite, but coughing and snuffly and wheezing like choochoo train, and when she and i listened to chest i was wheezy and crackling all over, hr after taking 10 puff, grrr!! i give up, what am i doing wrong.

costa give me nebs and iv maggy moo which got rid of choochoo, so they let me home with increased steroids and ANOTHER (10TH LOT IN 7 WEEKS) antibiotics as got bad boy chest infection.

only let me go in middle of night as planning go to cardiff at 10am :S for mummys day and paretal TLC.

sorry for ranting put it just seems that including tonite now thats 14 costa in 7 weeks... i cant do it. i just fed up. i am on BTS stage 5, including max hayfever meds though still suffering badly, and max dose daily pred and still getting severe attacks, so dunno y bothering continuing with the pred, really? already got side effects and showing signs of others...

cos of that got cons follow up 2-3 weekly.

they mentioned xolair/omalivizmub trial and prophylaxis azithromycin antibiotics, but am not sure.

what u guys think ?

any other ideas ?

used to be on aminophylline tabs also, but they worried that as i respond very well to that in resus, if i go on it long term it could increase my body's resistance to it - become less effective when i am in costa :S


7 weeks off work so far, hopefully signed back on fri :S doubtful tho.. spoken to union yesterday - safe on job front - 100% support guaranteed, so thats something i suppose :)

apologies for long post and rant :)

thanks for reading it if u got this far without falling asleep, tho i know for most of us that would be a good thing, hey?! ;)

snowygirl xxx

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Sorry to hear your having a tough time Snowygirl.

Where is your consultant while all of this is going on? I'm assuming he/she knows? You should be seeing him/her on a very regular basis if your asthma is this bad. Perhaps other options need to be looked at other than a diagnosis of asthma? as well as further treatment options.

As for use of theophyllin tablets, as far as I'm aware you cannot become resistant to them, what matters are the levels of theophyllin in your blood, Who took you off them?

Has someone taken a sputum sample from you? If not i'd advise you went to you GP and had one taken to check for bugs, so you can get the right antibiotics to treat the infection.

I read your previous past that says you self discharged- I just want to remind you that this is not a good idea. if you are having numerous attacks then you need to give your body chance to recover, don't forget asthma can kill. I wouldn't push to be sent home with the doctors, I'd push to be made better!

Well at least if you have any problems in Cardiff, head up to Llandough or the Heath... there'll soon sort you out!

Really hope you can sort some things out really soon.



Sorry to hear your asthma is bad again, I hope it deciedes to settle down soon for you...

A few years ago my dentist prescribed low level antibiotics for three months for another condition and the welcome side effect was my asthma behaved during this time and I had no chest infections or colds... much to my joy... On talking to my GP he thought it was as it was helping to reduce the inflamation in my lungs. The only thing to consider is weither you are willing to accept the possibility of antibiotic resistance if using them long term...

Have you asked your consultant/GP for a refferal to ENT or an allergy specialist to see if they can improve things on the allergy front? Which may help improve things with your asthma if the allergy issues are better controlled.


A WW!!!

Sorry your having such a bad time and the green men go you again for a visit.

Hope you are resting up when you can.

love Glynis xxxx


So sorry you're having such a hard time again. I hope you manage to get home for someTLC and start feeling better for it.

Keep well



You poor thing you are having such a rough time of it!

I thought the issue with theophyllin is that if you take it everyday then you might not be able to use it in an emergency. So if your general control is OK but you tend to go downhill very quickly a few times a year then it might be worth 'keeping it for emergencies'. On the other hand some think it is not that fantastic in an acute situation. I had a discussion with my old consultant about it a few years ago- and I think the answer was there are differing opinions! I think your consultant needs to work out what is right for you!

I think Ally made an excellent point- Where is your consultant in all of this?? You should be getting reviewed really regularly and some consultants like to see you a fortnight after an admission. Also what is your GP saying?

I would book a long appointment at the GPs and have a good chat. I am not sure they will be able to do much themselves apart from listen, however they might then ring your consultant and give them a good kick! Maybe they need to send you back to hospital for some IV antibiotics to kick this nasty bug (or some other magic cure).

Hope your mummy looks after you and makes you feel a bit better. That reminds me I must go and ring mine!

Take care



It sounds like you are having a totally rubbish few weeks. Hang in there.

I totallly agree with previous posts, phone your consultant. I know I am totally blessed to have a fabulous consultant, but I am so sure that you would benifit from a review from top to toe. Please don't dispair yet.

Several years ago I spent nearly 11 months in hospital trying to get myself on a regime that suited. It was probably one of the toughest times of my life but totally worth it. Dont get me wrong there will always be the wobbly times but it gave me back my life.

Take care of yourself and ensure that you rest as much as possible. I do understand regarding your concerns regarding work, I have lost 2 jobs and my home but I still have my life. Not always easy to see past the bad times, but keep looking forward jobs will come and go but your life is ONE precious gift that cant be replaced.


Not surprised you're fed up with all of that going on. Don't know about xolair myself but sure others on here can help out with that.

When you say max hayfever meds have you seen a specialist as Malawi2 said? G.P. is convinced sinusitis is affecting my asthma and now on 2 mths antibs which seem to be slowly working & if not continuing to help in 2 wks will have ENT referral. Definately agree get sputum sample off as ally18 says, took 3 courses antibs for my G.P. to think about this, grrr.

Good luck with cons. appt soon, take care and hope it gets sorted out.


((snowygirl)) as I've already said to you, I feel like I'm in a similiar position :(

I'm too on max pred which seems pointless, and makes me wonder why I take it considering the side effects.

Oral aminophylline makes me ill, I vomited blood last time so I don't take that!

I've had the xolair trial which only made a very slight improvement but gave me horrible side effects so was stopped.

I don't seem to suffer from chest infections a lot so I don't think antibiotics would be worthwhile, although this hasn't been discussed so I may be wrong.

There was talk of starting me on a drug like methotrexate, but I'm feeling quite relectuant about that....

So yes, I can identify with the where next feeling :( Don't worry about ranting, sometimes a good rant can make us feel better ;)

I hope you're taking it easy and feeling okay today after last nights fun xxxx


thanks for all your posts guys...

sorry for the delay in response. came down to cardiff for mummys TLC yesterday. went out for mothers day meal last night with her and dad. was lovely, albeit me on 3hrly inhalers still...

spent all night awake coughing/ wheezing and breathless but managed it... until today then i ended up ... where u think???

in answer to ur questions people, my consultant is asthma and ALLERGY specialist luckily so covers both, and i managed to get hold of asthma nurse fri so her and the cons are well aware of what going thru, except obviously sat's visit and again today.. however next appt is thursday and he is keeping close eye on me cos of all admissions and seeing me every 2 weeks now....

still aint had chance to look into or discuss xolair trial or prophylactic antibiotics with them - that will be thursday, only briefly mentioned on phone fri with asthma nurse.

yes like u say in relation to aminophylline, thats y am afraid to go back on it, i respond miraculuously to it in resus, so dont really wanna go on it long-term tabs wise, incase i develop immunity/resistance etc.. like i seem to have done with the pred :(


x x x


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