House of Commons

hey all

going to house of commons tomorrow pm as i have already told some of you :)

soooooo excited!! think the excitement alone is gonna keep me awake tonite lol..

it gives us a chance to explain what its really like for us all living with our asthma and how serious it can be, and hopefully make a change in Parliament :) AUK website homepage has info all bout it and why they doing it and the 'Get it off your chest' section too, hope you have all shared your stories ;)

what to wear? :S

let you all know how it goes

x x x

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  • Best wishes!

  • Good luck for tomorrow

  • lets hope we can all stand together and like michael jackson says in his song...

    'make that change'

    x x

  • Good luck for today snowygirl x

  • how exciting - I have never been there. Who do you get to see? Do you get to talk to anyone?

  • So how did it go snowygirl? Really want to know, hope it was a successful day!

    Also hope you didn't end up back in Costa as although exciting imagine it would be quite a stressful day as well. Though I suppose it would underline the point you were making if you did get captured while you were there... Still, I hope you didn't.

  • Good success tell it like it is hon.



  • How did it go ?xxx

  • Snowygirl,

    How did it go today?

  • hey guys

    was really good day :)

    all travelling and walking took its toll as struggled with the walking etc and everything else... but no costa philomela ;) inh and nebs kept me out and am at home just bout to go bed ready for cons tomorrow and back to westminster to maybe meet david cameron tomorrow - who knows - to continue the compaign ?!

    didnt get to meet anyone exciting... there were a few mp around and of course reps from AUK but we mingled round and listened to speakers and got to hear few stories and eat sandwiches ;)

    travelling was tiring so off to bed... tiring day but i hope all the support we all give does hope to 'make that change'

    pics on facebook and also had professional photos taken :)

    x x x

  • I have been contemplating writing to the prime minister and explaining the situation I have found myself in...I think that is something I am going to do today. I feel quite aggreived that I am stuck between the world of work and the world of not working. I really want of work but can't do full time at the moment - my current employers have not been that helpful and I can understand their point of view. But I still want to use the skills and qualifications I worked really hard to took me longer than most due to lung splats. When asthma was calm I was good at my job... I want to get back to that.

  • I went to one of these a few years ago it was rather interesting!

  • Go for it, Honey. Maybe you could get him to access the site and read what it's REALLY like!

  • I did it I wrote to David Cameron, Edd Milliband and my local MP - same letter to each of them just changed names well at least I hope I did. I had to get them edited so that they were not to full on. The leters are printed, in envelopes and ready to go..will let you know if I get any responses.

  • I saw the PM today, at an event for the new bill being propopsed regarding the GP consortia etc. He was very passionate about the new Health and Social Care Bill, and spoke very honestly about it all. He didn't get round to the Asthma UK table, but from the other conditions who were at the event today, he was shocked at the extent to how people suffer with conditions.

    Lets see what he has to say, as the report from today will be printed on Monday apparently :)

  • I am not convinced that David Cameron is shocked by the difficulties many people face when living with long term health problems and disabilities. Whilst I feel for David Cameron and his wife who lost their severely disabled child I am pretty damn sure they came up against many issues that many every day folk also experience, and so therefore know damn well what it is like to be involved closely with someone with long term disability of health problems.

  • I'm very much afraid that Katina might be partly right, but he won't be aware of the day to day struggle many of us have just to keep our heads above water financially. He's got silly amounts of money to act as a buffer between him and the realities of life - the ongoing cost of prescriptions, day to day living when you're not well enough to work and are having to exist on statutory sick pay (also known as 'that pittance') and so on.

  • where do we send our letters to if we all wrote to the MP as well as local MPs then?

    i know exactly what i would say - indeed if i started writing now, including ranting and raving, i wouldnt know wen to stop! of course giving constructive advice and criticism ;)

    if we all did that as well as the AUK campaigning, maybe then the support would be stronger and the NHS reforms would be pushed further forward, quicker and we would be listened to, we would be listened to and it would make a difference for us all, regardless of who we are, how little/ severe we suffer etc..

    they indeed need to aknow to access this website. they may have done so already, who knows.. that's why we were asked to put our stories on the map for the 'get it off your chest' section, and even celebrities with/without asthma have done so to show their support, to hopefully make a change, to improve our lives in the not so distant future hoefully.

    something needs to be done, fast.


  • You can email .I sent loads about free Perscriptions but not had a reply.Think need send one a day! Then might reply.

  • how do we go about sending a letter as asthma in my hospital isnt well treated the nearest asthma cons is in hull or scunthorpe a train or bus away

  • you can find out the addresses of the local MP as well as to send to david cameron by looking online

    they be having quite a lot of mail i think ;)


  • if you go to and enter your postcode, you can send a message to your MP, also look at what issues they've been active on in Parliament etc.

  • cool and my mp does a walk in clinic to see the people

  • just sent letter via email to local mp

    david cameron next...


  • Brilliant - I'm up for having a go as well. Local MP, Cameron, Clegg and Wotsisname the health chappie.

  • I was told today by an under secretary that if you write then you get a reply if you email you might not...I plan to do both

  • email and write and turn up there lol

    make sure we get noticed lol


  • I believe if you really want to be noticed by a head of government, you need to prepare your letter in a professional way. I personally went to see my MP for my local area, who once I get around to it is getting my position noticed. Heads of government get letters day in day out people ranting and raving, they have seen it all before. Get your local MP is see how Asthma effects the day to day life of people, provide evidence like your GP's support or respiratory consultant. And then back it up with the facts, like examples of discrimination in employment, education, lack of support by local respiratory teams. Failures in standardised treatment of severe asthma attacks in A & E.

    Of course make your voice loud and clear, but ranting just makes the listener switch off.

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