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happy me :)

hey guys - long time no speak ...

thought i would update you and let you know went to RBH after being in hosp for total 8 weeks last november. there for 2 weeks. dont think they helped. they reduced my pred 25mg, chasnged my preventer and stopped my montelukast.

diagnosed asthma - hmmm - reflux and dysfunctional breathing?? WTF??

anyways, 3 days after discharge ended up in resus - resp arrest and iv mag and amino for 4 days but only needed 2 x iv mag admissions since and the odd a+e visit since :)

NO COSTA in 2012 as yet fingers crossed

gp restarted the montelukast and started prophylactic azithro,mycin after the 4 day admission which i honestly think is helping along with the fact that i moved in with my fiance xmas week so spent new year with him :D HE IS BRILLIANT. couldnt ask for anyone better

as well as asthma attacks i been having panic attacks recently due to diff things but he knows how to tell the diff and exactly what i need :)

we are busy wedding planning at the mo - marrying him 9/3/13 :)



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Gosh, you had having a rough time with your asthma haven't you.

I am so pleased that you are so happy

Good luck with all your wedding arrangements what an exiting time for you both


Congratulations on your engagement. That's lovely news. Hope you will be very happy. xx


Hi Snowygirl

Congratulations on your wedding, nice to see some good news. I gave up with the Brompton 5 years ago, they did bugger all for me apart from cause anxiety and frustration and the experience had put me off super specialists. Now I just get on with it with my local Consultant monitoring me closely. I've had one admission this year so far, I hope you keep out for a while so you can get on with planning your wedding, difficult asthma just gets in the way, lol. I know you're friends with Snowy please pass my regards on as often wonder how her and her lovely family are doing. I hope 2012 is going to be a good year for you.


Great news :) :)


Congrats to you both. Not a great fan of the Brompton myself diagnosed over breathing, but have had 2 itu admissions in the last 6 months with, strangely enough asthma. Will stick with my local cons.

Enjoy planning your big day xx

Lisa xx


congratulations to you both, good to hear you've found someone so supportive, understanding and caring.

Good luck with the wedding plans.

Take care x


That's great news, I have had a similar happy start to 2012. New diagnoses that seems to be settling the asthma no end and marriage at the end of November. Role on a great 2012 for all asthmatics :) x


Nice to see some good news .... Auk has been a bit of doom And gloom over diagnosis and symptoms lately and the competition over the best stories posted !!!


Congrats again, it really is nice to hear good news on here especially from someone who's really struggled. May 2012 be a good year for all of us! Maybe a few more engagements lol? Has anyone ever met on here and got engaged?

Gussypoo, don't know if it's an intentional competition...certainly not one I personally would be aiming to 'win' even if I could! The site does host a number of rants, and I will put my hand up as one of the contributors, but that is partly the point of the forum, I always thought.


I never claimed wot the aim of the forums where. all i commented on was the good news ... I never said who was doing the post either ..


I didn't think you were aiming it at me specifically, sorry if that is how it came across which is very possible! But I'm aware I have been posting in that vein recently as have others, and I don't *think* it's a competition. At any rate, as one of those participating I am not competing!I completely agree with you that it's nice to have good news though! Whatever the point or otherwise of the forums, there's generally going to be less of it given why we're on here.


Congratulations Snowygirl, really pleased for you. I hope 2012 is a happy healthy year for you.

Clare Xx


thank you

thank you all for your kind words

will pass on your regards flowers ;)

wedding plans going good, chest not so - spoke too soon - costa last night but hey-ho back home now :) maxed on pred for few days then slow wean back down again as usual ....

as for RBH - not only me having the probs then, hey? got follow up with them in apil for chest and ENT but in meantime got Soton in 2 weeks for same thing as RBH done so lets see what they say - i mean its not all asthma apparently?! lol . dont mind if it aint just want proper diagnosis, care and treatment, you know.

x x x


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