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Tai Chi

Hi everyone,

Its been a while since I've been online I hope all is feeling good today.

I wanted to tell people about probably the best thing that I have ever tried to help me control my asthma - Tai Chi.

For me at least it have have found its made a great way to exercise in a gentle way that I can actualy do and something that actually teaches me how to beathe and control my asthma.

I have been practising now for nearly 10 years, before this I had to vist the hospital about 5 or 6 times a year with a minimium stay of 7-10days and as you know after comming out of hospital its takes ages to get back on your feet. Tai Chi has helped me not be admitted for nearly 10 years (yay!)

and I thought other astmatics should at least know and hopefully have a go, its working for me,I hope you will have a go and I hope it will help you.

So if you looking for an exercise that can help you cope with your asthma I recommend Tai Chi.

I wish you all well


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I am so pleased that you have found Tai Chi helpful and that your asthma is under control


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