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Coughing night and day - help and advice needed

I always seemed to have seasonal asthma, started about 8 - 10 yrs ago. Winter, when it is wet and cold I need to use my inhaler quite a bit, only need steroids and antibiotics if I got a cold or chest infection.

This year has been different. My asthma is geting progressively worse, even in the warm weather - i am constantly on high doses of steroids, coughing night and day as my throat tightens up. I just don't know what to do.

Has anyone else had similar symptoms and got over it, because it is really messing with my life as I am totally exhausted all the time.

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I've had asthma review today cos of cough returning big style. Nurse said this years pollen is worse for a start and weather up and downs haven't helped either. My preventer inhaler has been changed yet again. Now in max dose Seretide with follow up in a fortnight.

The boards say quite rightly that we can't give medical advice, but I think would let me advise that you make appt with your GP or asthma nurse.

Best wishes and let us know how you get on.



hi willis,

Have you tried raising your bed by putting books under it so

your head is higher,that works better than extra pillow and no stiff neck.

Other than that you might need your meds altering.

love Glynis xxx


I have the same thing, wet and damp in winter and humid in the summer with all the heyfever. I find that putting tiger balm on my chest helps and having baths with the door and window shut to get the steam. I know what you mean though it's a pain!


sitting upright in bed is definitely helping my boy tonight. i've got him on one of those v-pillows with some others stuffed behind and it's really making a difference. hope you get some rest x


Thanks for the advice guys. going to the doctor usually resluts in more of the same pills - so not a lot of improvement there. I work away during the week, and am thinking perhaps my asthma might also be stress related, as my job is extremely stressful. Most days get a really dry throat at work, I drink loads but to no avail. At weekends when I am back home, as I start to relax, my asthma seems to get a lot better. I still have occasional bad nights, but not as bas as when I stay away from home. Doesn anyone else get stress related asthma?


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