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Feeling scared help please!

Seem to have developed asthma over the last couple of years. One attack last year where I coughed for weeks. Some people weren't convinced it was asthma (Work and out of hours doctor) but surgery were fantastic and sorted me out with steriods etc and eventually things calmed down . During the rest of year only used reliever occasionally and thought no more about it.

On Thursday I was finding breathing slightly harder than normal and when to see nurse who to my amazement nebulised me immediately, oral steroids the lot.

Went home and started finding it harder to breathe, but still didn't really worry as if I concentrated on breathing I was ok, although this meant I was unable to sleep. In the morning rang help line for general advice and was told to dial 999 immediately. Felt this was a little hysterical and went to neighbour who is a nurse. She rushed me to doctors and a combi nebuliser with oxygen much improved matters. Problem is now I am not sure what to do.

I suppose I am meant to be better and in a lot of ways I am, but I am unable to move about without major coughing fits, going out is impossible, sleep hard and I feel like death. I also feel like I should be better and so worry about returning to work on Monday. Do other people take time to get over such episodes? What do the rest of you feel like.

I get really scared at night as I am a single parent and one of my children is autistic so I have to put on a brave face, but it is very lonely when it is hard to breathe. Ony advice please

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i can under stand being scared, but when you find it hard to breath GET HELP.

see your doctor and ask for action plan to be put in place so you know what to do when you have an attack , this should help

is there a friend or neighbour how can keep an eye on the children if you need to see the doctor, this might help you feel more in controll.

with the issue of work it can take time to feel better after an attack, your body needs to rest, we all find this one hard to do,

hope you feel better soon



hi allegro, i too havent been to well with my asthma and i am too finding it hard as im also a single parent with my eldest being the autistic spectrum disorder ladder iv only got out of hospital today infact, and tht was the 3rd admisson in 2 and bit weeks, but i left it too long before i got help and i was nearlly a sastistic as i nearlly died so please if u feel at all ill with yr asthma seek medical help straight away , i know its easier said than done when weve got commitments but its better in the long run u are well so u can get controll of this awfull wheezy coughing beast tht we have it really scared me how ill i was and when a doc told me tht i nearlly died i wont be hanging around in future pm me if u wanna ruth


if you are still coughing and have problems breathing (even if it abates to only when you're moving about you shouldn't be going to work at all. I know it's hard cos I always feel guilty at not going (I woek with special needs) but you will be no good at all to work and particularly not to your children if you end up hospitalised! I only have mild asthma but when I am bad am off work for at least 3 weeks at a time and still cough after. It can take a log while for your bronchials to stop spasming and so for you to stop coughing. I assume you have a preventer although you only mention a reliever. Maybe you need to speak about your meds to the Dr or Asthma nurse if there is oneat your practise, and see if you are on the best type of inhaler for you, sometimes you need to change over time.


Hello Allegro

Have you got a treatment plan or asthma action plan? this should state things like your reliever, preventer, best peak flow, main symptoms and what to do when your peak flow starts deteriorating and when to get help.

Please do not be afraid to call for help even if you have to dial 999.

It can take a good few days to get over an attack and you will feel tired all the time if you are still struggling.

Do you have an asthma nurse or a clinic at your surgery? They often have a lot more time that GPs to help with getting control of asthma.

Do you have someone reliable who could look after your children in an emergency if you are taken in to hospital? This would take a bit of worry off you.

But don't worry if you can't because they will be looked after by someone such as the police. Also, if social services look after them briefly they will not think of you as a bad mother. (I am not sure if they have a help line for such emergencies) It must happen quite a bit where parents are suddenly taken ill and there is no one to look after the children.

Please look after your health so you can enjoy being a Mum.

I am not a parent but I hope I have helped a bit




thanks everyone, just getting replies is helping me to feel a bit more normal. Am off to doctors in the morning as this amount of ventolin is giving me the shakes and a chronic headache so going to ask about change of medication. Getting back in control helps doesn't it. Sleeping is improving as I now take 5 puffs of ventolin on waking before symptoms get too bad and then more if I need it. Am now getting some sleep so big bonus. Lets hope things carry on improving as I would really like to be able to leave the house, it is driving me mad being stuck inside. Thank goodness for Tesco delivery and friends.


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