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Warning Moan approaching!!!!!!

I do not post too much but am a keen reader, but just feel that i need to off load somewhere before something bursts, so apologies for ranting....

I am currently in the 3rd week of being signed off of work which is depressing enough because i am so bored at home and worrying that i am letting colleagues down at work. Each time i think i am getting better, something comes out of the blue to knock me down again.

The longer term picture has generally been more bad days than good and both the GP and con are a bit of a loss at how to help me keep my symptons under control, but its now reached the point that it has a massive impact on my work, social life, family life, daily living etc.

Friends and colleagues try to understand and help, but sometimes too many people offer too many different opinions of what they would do if it was them, that it leaves me with brain melt.

Tried to talk to consultant about confirming that i am following an appropriate management plan, but he showed little interest. Would it be helpful to see the asthma nurse at the GP to discuss a plan?? Perhaps they would have a little more understanding and time??

Its just after 20 months of struggling and no light at the end of the tunnel, its starting to get me down and the tears are flowing. What makes me feel worse is friends/colleagues saying you are always so happy and smiliy despite everything, but then i am afraid to show them how i really feel.

So sorry to moan,

Thanks for the space to off load

Cory x

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It's like you are reading my mind! I am feeling exactly the same. Fed up with the way things are and feeling like i am letting people down at work after being off for 5 weeks. Everyone says I cope so well with it but really I am not coping as well as it appears. I am tired of coping with it and dealing with all the rubbish that asthma brings with it. Just trying to work out whether to accept that this as a side effect of a recent admission and worsening of asthma or whether to accept that I might be depressed and to accept her offer of counselling and antidepressants.

I spoke to my GP a few weeks ago and it was the first time I have honestly told her how I feel about things. It has improved our relationship as I think she is seeing things from my point of view a bit more now and realizing how difficult things can be.

talk to your GP or asthma nurse and explain how you feel. It should help get things out in the open.

Thinking of you at this time.


Many Thanks for your advice, its also comforting to understand that i am not alone in this situation, although i am sorry that you are also feeling very over whelmed at the moment and hope that things improve soon.

I will definately contact my asthma nurse as i think that she will have more time to listen to how i am feeling and hopefully offer some support and advice.

Take good care of yourself and remember that your health is more important than work and i am sure that work are more understanding that you realise. Listen to me offering the very advice i struggling to take on board, but thats why we are here because it is sometimes easier to hear it from others.



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