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Hi All

This is really just a moan, so be warned in advance, but better out than in cause its now impacting on sleep i feel, hence posting at 2.30am....

I have recently been discharged from hospital following my longest stay and am just so confused...they got me stable over 5 days then played with meds ( had been feeling better until that point), taking some away that they felt were not working (fine be me), labelled me with some VCD despite ENT saying all was fine with vocal cords and they did not need to see me again, still have the asthma label. Am having to visit clinic weekly until further notice, and due the amount of steriods that i have had in the past 2 years, the GP cannot no longer prescribe but has to contact a Resp Consultant or send me up to the hospital....although i am aware that they are looking after my health in the long run, no one has a plan for the future, am still off work and i feel like pants.....PF have not returned to anywhere near my normal (still around 300 and normal is 450). Although others have suggested writing notes to take to appointments, i am failing in asking questions...feeling very stupid and even have to words of the consultant ringing in my head 'really not sure what we will do next to get you some quality of life'. to top it off my face has become very itchy and has many small bumps, which makes me look very attractive!!!

Sorry for the long message, you were warned!!

Hugs to all who are in costa or are not feeling on top of the world


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Aw, sorry things are not good for you right now. I can understand your frustration. It's difficult when the people we put our faith in (i.e. the healthcare professionals) don't seem to be coming up trumps.

Maybe writing questions down, even questioning the statement your consultant made, is a good idea. Write down stuff as it comes into your head.

I don't know what else to say. My asthma's not really as bad as some people on here, but I know how I've felt when it's been at its worse and unstable, and I can understand how you must be feeling.

Hope you get some answers soon

Tracey xx


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