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Would welcome some advice please!!

Hi All

Hope this finds everyone well and having a good weekend?? Sorry if this is a long message.

Before i ask my question, i would like to say that i am not in any need of immediate mediacl attention...

This excerabation (sp??) started two weeks ago and i went to see my GP, we followed asthma plan and commenced steriods 30mg and regular ventolin for 5 days,off work, had hospital clinic at this time and they took bloods to check theophyllin levels to see if tabs could be increased. They were keen to see me in 2 weeks. Was not feeling much better last Monday, so got back in contact with GP (over the phone) and was told to continue pred for a further 5 days. Still was not feeling much better so went back to GP Thursday (saw different one) and they increased pred to 40mg for 7 days, anti biotics, advised to use lots of ventolin and sent for chest x-ray. Also chased my theophyllin levels from previous hospital appointment and could increase tabs in the morning. Another appointment booked for Thursday but i am sitting here at home alone and really not feeling any better, in fact at times have felt worse (not at this moment in time).

I am wondering whether i would be wasting GP time to go and see them tomorrow, not sure what they can do but worried about leaving it until Thursday. It would be a different GP again so do not want to confuse situation but do not want things to get any worse.

Just worried about wasting GP's time although other one did mention that if i was not winning then they wanted to see me sooner than Thursday....guess i may have answered own question.

Thanks in advance for listening

Take Care

Cory x

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Hi Cory, I hope you start to feel a little better soon!

I would say that you should go back to your doc earlier than Thursday. You definitely do not sound well and maybe a different doc might have a different take on things and what they recommend might help.

It may be that the antibs aren't fighting the infection and you might need to switch to different ones to shake it. Obviously don't do anything without your docs advice! They may up the steroids even more, not pleasant I know but better than feeling rough! The doc could also up your preventer to really get it under control!

Especially seeing as the doctor told you to come back earlier if you weren't winning, I would really try to get an appointment earlier!

Hope some of that garble helped!

R xx.


Your defo not waisting the GP's time! I'd go back first thing tomorrow morning if i were you, I agree with Rachel you probably need more pred to get you over this rough patch, and/or a change of antibiotics. Make sure your clear to the GP the trouble you having, perhaps he could change your symbricort to a higher dose? and if you don't get anywhere get incontact with the hospital.

Best of luck, hope your feeling much much better soon,

Ally :)


Thanks Rachel and Ally for yr replies.

I think you maybe right and will get my butt down to the GP tomorrow, its just that i get that mental block about making a sensible decision when i actually need to.

Its so frustrating cause i am currently only able to get back to work for a week or two before being signed off again and have symptons every day but this time i just feel generally worse than normal and it seems to be taking forever to feel any respite.

I have to visit the hospital monthly and still we are no closer to acheieving some stability....sorry for moaning, just feeling a bit feed up.

Thanks again for facing me in the right direction


Hello again!

I know it seems like a long, hard slog and it's easy to get frustrated, I have broken down into tears after a Dr's appointment as I feel that nothing is being done. I still have pretty uncontrolled asthma but after being referred to a consultant at the hospital I feel that at least we are on the right track to some easy breathing! I also find it helps if you are exceptionally clear about how tough it is for you at the moment and how bad your symptoms really are. I am sometimes guilty of shrugging it off and getting on with it when actually we need to remember that the doctors are there to help us feel better and the only way they can do that is if they really know how we're feeling.

I am very sorry that you are struggling at the moment and I hope that you start to get things sorted soon. Hang on in there! :)

Hugs and nebs,

R xx


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