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Out of control asthma: how do I survive?

I have a *probable* dx of intrinsic asthma - the ""challenge"" test of a few weeks ago indicated that I don't have the allergic type. They seem to have eliminated other causes for my chronic cough, chest tightness and wheezing...every year I get a ""cold"" that lasts 2-3 months, then I still cough when using my voice. I have been using a steriod inhaler - flovent - for several weeks, but doesn't seem to have much effect. I also have a rescue inhaler - albuterol - that helps a little, but the coughing spasms that it causes almost makes me not want to bother. I do NOT have asthma attacks - just this increasing, painful cough thing.

I have been getting worse - last night I couldn't breathe easily unless I was standing up and hunched over, coughing. Miserable night. Usually my breathing gets worse as the day progresses - I usually have a few ""good"" hours mid day - haven't had that today. The whole day I've been short of breath and sore/tight chest. I see the lung specialist tomorrow morning - first appointment with him. Until then, how do I survive tonight? Is there anything that will help me? A steamy bathroom? Like I said, the rescue inhaler, only has limited relief. I know that blue tinged lips/fingernails mean a trip to Emergency; I don't think I'm that bad off - just darned uncomfortable and exhausted.

Thanks for advice...

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See your GP. Today.

Also, can I ask you to consider reviving the title of this thread - and perhaps some of its content (you can edit your own post) - so as to lessen the offence it may cause to other message board users.

Please be aware that there are strict rules regarding the requesting of emergency medical information on these boards - please see the terms & conditions of posting (link on the left below the search box) for more details.





Ugh. Sorry. I honestly don't see how this could be offensive, or how it would violate the terms. I'd delete it but I don't know how. Please, mod, do if you can/see this. I'll go someplace else after this.


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