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Holiday Vacinations - PRED

Hi All

(maybe this should be on parents/carers but wanted to tap into experience/advice of wider audience!!!)

We've decided to get away from cold damp air and are heading off to Egypt for 7 nights in the hope that my son Ollie (3) might be able to have at least 1 week of not being poorly. He is currently on PRED (yuck) and anti-biotics as he's not well - hacking cough - throat infection - larangytis - which has set off his asthma. So far he's had 3 days worth but he's not getting better so i think he'll end up having 5/7 days (seeing GP tomorrow for re-assesment).

Anyway I'm concerned about him having Typhoid and Hep A within a week of each other and shortly after having steroids - also as this is 2nd lot in a month worried that there might not be a 'window' to get them done. He's also recently had his flu vac - so don't want to overload his already weakened immune system.

My question is (and obviously i will also talk to GP) does anyone know off or have experince of what the actual risks of contracting these illnesses are in relation to the risks of having vacinations when not well!!!! Obviously in the end if we have to we'll either get the jabs or consider not going if the risk of not having them is too great.

We're staying in Sharm el Sheik - in a nice hotel and will not be going out doing any sightseeing (a shame i know but all we want is total relaxation and recharge out batteries before winter truly sets in!!) - obviously he'll only drink bottled water and he doesn't like ice-cream (made with local water) so that's ok and we'll be using inscect repellant - basically i'll try to cover all bases.

Thanks in advance for any answers



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