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short of breath and coughing after eating, any advice?


i really hope someone can give me some advice, i have just been discharged from hospital after my third admission in as many weeks, anyway been discharged on regular nebs and all the normal stuff.

Mu question does anyone find they get short of breath during and after they eat, i also seem to have some problems with food getting stuck and making me cough, does anyone know if this could be causing asthma problems?

I am not sure if it could be related but so desperate for some explation to why things are so un controlled over the last few months.

If anyone has any advice i would be greatful to hear it



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wen my asthma is bad i find i choke on food, get referred to specialist. or if in doubt go bk to hos! remeber it ur asthma theycan only help with whatu tell tehm i justt learning this, they cant help what they dont know. unfort they aint mind readers! i wud say it means ur asthma still aint controlled, somonewith more knowledge will hopeully be along soon!


I'm certainly not qualified to say if eating can cause asthma symptoms but it definitely exacerbates mine when I'm bad. I figure my mouth is just trying to do too many things at once and not enough brain power's going into breathing! Little and often and small mouthfuls helps me - frustrating as it may be.



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