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Royal Brompton appointment

HiAfter what has been to say the least a difficult year with my asthma i have been referred to the royal appointment is on the 25th February,I was just wondering if you can give me any advice on what will happen on the day. Also what do i need to take with me?i want to get as much out of the appointment as possible as am hoping they will come up with some idea to help me. i am kind of getting desperate.Thankyou for any advice you may be able to offer.sarah

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Hi sarah

Sorry you have been having problems, but if anyone can sort you out they will!

During your first appointment they will start from the beginning taking your history, any other family will asthma or allergies etc, they will do ling function, review your medication and symptoms, take blood etc. They may also talk about coming in for an addmission for their difficult asthma protocol, where you go into hospital for about 4 days, but that will depend on what they think and your individual case. Also take you meds with you, or a repeat prescription or something so they can see your meds.

Try not to worry, they are a lovely team and they listen to you! But it may take more than one appointment to sort you out!! lol!

Do you know who you are seeing?

I see Dr Menzies-Gow and Dr Polkey and they are lovely!

I wish you all the best and any questions do ask or PM me

Libby x


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