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I just need a moan sorry!

HiI really need a good moan, so here goesi have been poorly all week with a cold and after much discussion with gp and asthma nurse yesterday we decided it was safest to go in to hospital, well this is where my nightmare beginsyesterday i arrived at hospital to the assesment ward at 2pm, waited till 6pm to see a doctor, anway to say the least he was useless, i explained the situation and that it had been going on for four days and was allready on maximum nebs and pred at  home so asthma nurse had sent me in, he bascially said that he has no idea why i was there and was completely fine to be at home, he said he would give me some antibiotics and that was all he could do. i tried several times to explain that i was feeling very unwell. he said my sats were fine and gases were ok, so i was ok. he also said that i had no wheeze and the fact that i was coughing constantly was not a sign of asthma. i explained that i only really cough and rarely wheeze, he then accused me of not even having asthma. i am currently waiting for brompton referal and he said he could see no reason for this as i have never been admitted to ITU so my asthma was obviously not that bad, he continued to rabble on that his mum had asthma and it was much worse than mine and that there is nothng they can do for her.sorry i am gabbeling now.i am back of to my gp this afternoon and had to literally argue for an appointment as aparently on the screen it says if it is my asthma i am to go strainght to hospital, which is obviously no point as if i saw this doctor again he wont do anything.i am sorry to moan but just feel so alone with it all.sarah

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sorry to hear you've had such a bad experience. I had something very similar happen with paramedics not long ago and it was awful i felt so down for weeks. I understand how hard it is and only you know your asthma so if you feel you should be in hospital go back!! Better to be safe than sorry and you may not get that doctor again

hope you feel better soon!!

claire x


No wonder you want to moan. What a miserable Doctor. Lots of people including my brother and husband believe that you have to have a wheeze with asthma and that a cough doesn't count. I never wheeze but get get terrible coughs.

Continue going to the hospital as your nurse and GP advise, they know you better than a doctor in a hospital and , as Claire says, you might never see that one again.

Hope you feel better soon

Liz x


thankyou for your replys. i have been back to my Gp yesterday and today, who was lovely and has arranged for me to have contact with asthma nurse over the weekend and an appointment on monday. i think sometimes just knowing that someone is available if needed helps. i am hoping antibiotics etc start to work and will feel a bit better soon.

thanks again



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