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will things ever get better?

Hi all

I really need to moan and cant moan to anyone else so thought i would on here!! i am not really asking for any advice this is just a general moan.

I have been in and out of hospital every few weeks for the last two years and am currently under the royal brompton, during my last admission (two weeks ago) i was supposed to have an outpatient appointment at RBH but couldnt go, this was really annoying as it was an urgent appointment, i now have the letter through and it isnt until the 13th august!!

anyway i am of to turkey on tuesday, desperately need a holiday and was fine there last year so i dont for see a problem, my consultant has done everything to ensure i have everything i need, however my so called friends keep on and on that maybe i shouldnt go,i know they are worried but just feeling frustrated with my life being so limited, to add insult to injury i have woken up to do with a horrible cold, feeling poorly and hoping it will go by tuesday!!

sorry to moan just feeling really fed up with it all that moment, not sure things will ever get better!!


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When I get fed up I watch these on youtube

Everything's OK

Waiting For My Real Life To Begin

You moan away. you have every right to. You have a chronic illness and it is bound to get you down quite often. I know I do.

From what you say your consultant is happy for you to go, you feel you are able to go so go.

Your friends may have your best wishes at heart but they might also be concerned that you will get ill on the holiday and, at best, it will be bad for you and, at worst, it will ruin their holiday. Perhaps talking to your friends in detail about your asthma, about your medication, telling them what you need in an emergency and reassuring them that you consultant thinks you will be OK is an idea.

As a convert to the importance of Vitamin D from sunlight and the numerous recent reports linking severe asthma with low Vitamin D levels I would add to make sure you get a good 20 to 30 minutes of sunlight per day - ensuring you do not burn - before putting on the sunblock. It is important that you do not burn but it is equally important to take advantage of getting those 10,000 units or so of Vitamin D in half an hour of sunbathing - DO NOT GET BURNT THOUGH!

Otherwise, have a great time.

If you do not cheer up I will post a link to The Poo Song!


Hope you get to go away, my Sons asthma was severe when we went to Lanzarote in October, he should have been in hospital but we all desperately needed a holiday. After 6 hours of being there his peakflow went up 20%. We had a few blips whilst there, he collapsed but we had his portable neb so problem solved (nothing weve not seen before). I've just been to my parents for a mini break, my asthma has been awful this year. A few day of full relaxation has done me the world of good, lungs slightly grumpy but hey didn't expect miracles. You know how you feel but it sometimes getting away from routine does wonders for your health. Good luck and hope you get to go on hols



aaww sorry your under the weather,Have a brill holliday and make sure you pack everything .love Glynis xxx


aaww sorry your under the weather,Have a brill holliday and make sure you pack everything .love Glynis xxx


Go. Enjoy. Come back brimming with joy at how good you feel.


Thankyou so much for all your replys, i was really down about the wholse situaltion and it was nice to know that people understand.

I am all packed and ready for my holiday, i have doctors, consultant and respiratory nurse letters and all my meds and more!! nothing can go wrong!!

Thanks again




Have a fantastic holiday- sounds like you need one. It is currently raining here so the idea of sunshine and warmth sounds lovely! I think your friends are just worried about you- I would just listen to the advice of your consultant.

Have you found out what the medicines you take are called in Turkey? I only say this because I had a few problems with this in Thailand, it turns out atrovent is not called atrovent and cerazette sounds like an anti-psychotic drug not the pill!!

Have you rung your consultant's secretary about the altered appointment? They might be able to change it themselves or just need a fax from your GP. August does seems a very long time to wait.


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