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Going to Greece in two weeks any advice welcome?


I am due to fly to Greece in two weeks. This is my first holiday abroad ( and first time flying) and i am just wondering if anyone has any advice, my asthma is very unpredictable and just managed to get of pred after two and a half months. I have taken out good travel insurance and got plenty of meds to take with me. Does anyone know if i can take all me meds on board the plane or do i have to put them in main luggage. Also do i need to take doctors letter with me or is it ok to just take copy of prescription. Any advice more then welcome!!!

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I am also going to greece in two weeksISH (well cyprus, but the greek part).

As for flying, i always bring my meds in my hand luggage, and i have never had any problems with that, and i fly A LOT! I take it (from previous posts) that some people have had trouble getting through security with their meds, and what you should do, is to bring a letter from your doctor. Liquids are not allowed, and if you ahve to bring meds in the form of liquid you definitely need a note from your doctor. And i think they will only let you take it on if you are going to need it during the plane ride. They are pretty strict on that.

I hope you have a nice trip!




I am flying to Pescara in Italy next Tuesday.

I will take all my meds in my hand luggage. (Incase main luggage ends up elsewhere)

Also take your repeat presription form, a list of your meds with the generic names and if you can get a translation into greek. I have translated my protocol using BT Yahoo Babel Fish, it looks OK but not sure how you can check greek unless you can speak it.

If you have to carry a nebuliser or any form of needles like epipens you will need a letter from your GP.

Take an emergency course of pred with you if you can and have a good treatment plan written up.

Hope this helps and have a good holiday!



I went to Cyprus last year and didnt have too much trouble apart from the mossies, but Athens was a nightmare, Asthma was really bad both nights due to the heat and the climb up the Acropolis, wasnt the best idea to go up the middle of the day thou!!!! One of the things I had to get used to was the smoking in resturants after the meals, all the greeks do it and I ended up waiting outside for my friends. Have a good trip.


i've not had any probelms with nebs and all meds in hand luggage, especially now you can take 2 items of hand luggage. keep letter form my doc and copy of repeat with my nebs, and also keep all nebules boxed up with pharmacy label on them. have found some people check and some don't but never had a problem.



Thanks everyone for all your advice, it is very much appreciated.




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