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Royal Brompton appointment


I am of to Royal Brompton appointment next wednesday and feeling a bit apprehensive about it. It has been such a difficult few years that it seems everything is riding on them to come up with a new idea!!

Just wanted any advice of how to get the most out of the appointment. Should i take anything particular with me? any suggestions of questions to ask them? unfortunately i get completely tongue tied at appointments and then end up leaving with no more info than when i started.

If anyone can give me any advice i would be extremelly thankful

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Hi Sarah

Sounds like you will be on Dr Menzies-Gow clinic as he does wednesdays. He is very nice and will put you at your ease. The rest of the team are really nice as well.

I would suggest between now and then writing everything down - how a normal day is and a bad day; write down your triggers and how quickly you react; and anything else you can come up with. That way when you are there you will have the answers to their questions written down and you won't forget anything. Take a list of your meds with you and the big question i would suggest is how can you help me. They may suggest taking you in for a week on their difficult asthma protocol where they do lots of tests during the week so they have a really clear picture of how your asthma is doing. Lots of people here have done that, me included, and it is really helpful. They can then work out an action plan from those tests.

Good luck for Wednesday



The team at the RBH are lovely. You have nothing to worry about, they have seen it all before and are used to desperate souls pinning all their faith in them. Its a burden they seem to shoulder well. The emphasis is on working together to get control over your asthma. I can't offer any really practical advice apart from go with the flow, especially if you are having the difficult asthma protocol it can seem bewildering they want to repeat some of the tests you have already had done elsewhere but they only do what is needed

Good Luck

ps take something to read wednesday clinics tend to over run there is a sort of chaotic order but it is nice to have something to read to keep you occupied.


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