flu jab


I was wondering if anyone can give me any advice about the flu jab.

I have been discharged from hospital after quite a bad attack last thursday, anyway feeling better now. i am taking pred and antibiotics and loads of other stuff but the question i have is that i am due to have my flu jab at work tommorrow. Does anyone know if they will do it or not? i missed it last year because we were supposed to have it at work and it never happened and by then it was to late to have it at gps.

Any advice welcomely recieved



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  • Hi,

    I'm in a similar situation - I recently came out of hospital last week and had my flu jab a few days later (and my pneumonia jab yesterday) - the GP said it was fine to have it because I wasn't sure - I'm on pred etc, but not anti-biotics - prob. best just to ask the GP.

  • Hi i'm constantly on prednisolone and given regular antibiotic therapy every week and i still was given my flu jab. i think you yourself also have to weigh up if you are well enough to have it. The way Mr Dr and i see it is, i'm a bit better this week so might as well have it before i worsen. Hope this helps :0)

  • Hi

    Hope you are feeling better...I am in a similar situation too, and I asked my asthma nurse if I was ok to have the flu jab as i was not sure and the nurse said as long as I don't have a fever I am ok to have the jab. I had to ask cos I have been full of a very bad cold this last week and a bit and was concerned but if you are concerned I should ask your GP or asthma nurse...

    Take care

  • Thankyou for your advice. i am going to check with the nurse today and will let you know what happens.



  • same issue


    i was also discharged from hospital but yesterdsay after having a really serious attack i was just wondering how the flu virus affects ahstma im having my jab saturday and just wanted to know im not scared of needles anymore though ive had so many in the past couple of weeks lol message me if you can shed some light thanks.


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