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Just need to have a moan about what is becoming a very frustarting situation!!

I have had major problems with me asthma for the last few years, with admissions every 4-6 weeks. I have been referred to the RBH and whilst i have been going back and forth for over a year we finally seemed to be getting somewhere after lots of perserverance! but now i am not so sure! had an appointment in london two weeks ago and there doenst seem to be any further treatments they can offer which disspaoints me as i was given the impression that there was!! They also mentioned in passing something about restrictive lung disease which i didnt ask about but not sure how important this is!!

Anyway my biggest moan is with my GP, had my theophyllin level checked and today they phoned to say they were low but they dont know what to do about it and should wait to see my local consultant at the end of May, when i questioned waiting for so long i was told that they didnt want to change anything through fear of upsetting thing, how reassuring is that!!!!!!

I am so fed up with this whole situtaion and desperately trying to hold down a job and have a life!!

i dont expect any replies to this just needed to sound of!!

Best wishes to everyone


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You sound off as much as you like Sarah, if you look around the board you will see big long rants from most of us. Done it myself, several times.

We're all in this together so feel free. If nothing else it keeps one's typing speed up.

Take care and a virtual hug to you,

GM xxx


Edit: Cos my message came in twice.


Feel free to moan as much as you like! I been on sofa all day personally - asthma for you!

You may never feel you are getting any where but i would say try and plan your life anyway but be prepared to cancel things but then fill those cancelled things with fun activities. Like a craft or something you enjoy. A dvd or a fav book. I find this helps me. Hope it helps you!



Your comment about Theophyllin is interesting. My 13 yr old son was on a dose for 6-12 yr olds. Because he was so poorly a few months ago I asked a GP (not our usual one) if his dose could be increased. She suggested a blood test first which came back indicating the Theophyllin 'was not as effective as it could be' and she agreed to increase the dose. When we saw our usual GP a week later he said the blood test isnt measuring the efficacy of Theophyllin but the level of something else (toxins??) caused by the drug. He was ok about it and when we saw the consultant he was fine as well. I have to say the increased dose doesn't seem to have made much difference but that's another story... Good luck and I hope you get it sorted out.


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