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HiI recently had the worst asthma attack i have had ever, unfortunately i left was unwell for a few days and kept thinking it would sort its self out anyway ended up in a and e and needed nebs, iv magnesium and salbutamol. Completely petrefied me when i saw anethatist you was talking about being ventilated!!!!anway was discharged on monday after being in hospital for just over a week and was absolutely fine, now feeling absolutely exhausted. am now getting breathless and just generally feeling tired!! Does this happen to everyone? I usuallyy bounce back and get back to normal very quickly!i am seeing asthma nurse on friday and then due to go into the brompton on Monday under difficult asthma protocal, the probelm is i am not sure i will be ok to go if things dont settle down!!any advice about how you find your get up and go again would be gratefully received.Many ThanksSarah

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1st of all don't worry about feeling tired it takes weeks to get over a big attack and if you try to push it you will probably end up back in! If you had had a flu and been in bed poorly for a week you would not think twice about needing time to get over it so you should think the same about an asthma attack, do what you can (don't become an couch potato) but take extra time stop for a break before the energy tank gets empty its bad for a car to run totally out of petrol, so, you stop and fill up when the light comes on. Think of your lungs in the same way even if you are almost at the top of the stairs or finished what you are doing, its better to stop for a moment recharge and then go on. It will take twice as long to recover if you don't.

As to the RBH they are certainly capable of handling an attack if you go in, however, I would call them and see what they say as it may limit the tests they can do and they may suggest waiting a week or 2 until you are a bit stronger so they can get a proper picture of how things are. Oddly enough they don't really need to see an attack they know what they look like :)


Sarah, sorry I forgot to say that when you call the RBH about the admission ask for Debbie Campbell or one of the asthma team.


I've had two bad attacks recently. The first took me at least a month to recover from and now after having had an attack on Thursday night I feel exhausted. I also feel very heady after them. I have heard it takes time. Hope that helps.


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