Hi, I'm a newbie here!

Hi my name is Han

I'm 30 years old and just become a mummy 5 months ago which didn't bode well with my Asthma during pregnancy but hey ho, she was worth the chest aggro.

I've had Asthma for 20 years, a few years ago I was diagnosed with Brittle Asthma, poorly controlled.

I have been in hospital quite a number of times but as of recent I have avoided going in. My asthma is pretty bad at the mo not helped by a severe chest infection I contracted last week! I look forward to joining in with your discussions..

Han x

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  • hope you are ok,you will soon settle in and make lots of friends.welcome pm me anytime xxxx

  • Welcome Han.

    Congratulations on your little bundle of joy!

    Sorry to hear you're not so well just now, hope things improve, welcome to the boards.


  • Hey Han ive just joined as well hope u feel better soon


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