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washing detergents

Hi ""this is my first time"" on a forum I hope there is someone out there that can help.

My husband has been a asthma sufferer for many years and coped quite well, up until

he had heart surgery a few years ago. At first the doctor told us that his asthma would return to manageable levels when his body recovered from the operation

and indeed things did improve but over the past year or so he seems to be getting bout of wheezing when he is at home in the evening and more often he will wake during the night having to take his pump. After a long process of elimination we have worked out that it could be the washing detergent I am using to wash the clothes and bedding. We have asked the doctor if he can do an allergy test but he said he doesn't do them.(frustrating) So I'm looking for your help and advice on what you have tried and found to be successful, as its a minefield out there and I really don't know were to start!!!

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I react to most washing powders/fabric conditioners. I find Surcare sensitive, which is unperfumed and non-biological is OK. It's actually designed for people with sensitive skin rather than sensitive lungs, but works for me.


I also react to most washing powders and fabric softners but if you use the ones suitable for ""baby"" skin... and double rinse you should be ok !

Good luck and hope you and your husband keep well.

Hugs from the Orkney Isles



It might not be an allergy but a respiratory irritant. I react to scented things but it's not an allergy, but acts directly on my airways. I find it hard on my lungs to.walk down aisles of scented detergents at times so main suggestion would be something unscented. The anti-allergy products should cover that too as wels as if he does have an allergy to the current stuff.


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