Is it an asthma attack when the asthma cough strikes, 2 puffs of reliever doesn't stop it and it takes further puff of reliever every minute for 7 minutes before it eventually quietens down. Not stopped exactly but coughs further apart for next twenty minutes before all is quiet again. In all I had 11 puffs of Ventolin through spacer. Most I've ever had at one go.

I did wonder at one point if I should be getting husband up for visit to NHS24 but since I don't wheeze reckoned I'd be sent home again.

I know we can't give medical advice as such but a bit of a hint would help before I see nurse at GPs later today. Like am I making a fuss about nothing?

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  • I would might be nothing but better safe than sorry. likewise i just spoken to resp nurses at hosp as saw prac nurse at gps this am for something diff and when told her how muych reliever had used told me to speak to them so have done and got to increase pred again. give them a ring and get appt

  • Hi grannymo,

    it sounds like an attack to me. I have cough variant asthma and if u get a coughing fit it makes me sick if really bad. 11 puffs quiet a lot though! But I understand where you're coming from thinking of making a fuss if there's no wheeze:-(

    still, it's your health and your husband could tell the doc about the non wheeze if he's with you? Hope your nurse can help.

    Love Lydia x

  • Hi Nanna,

    Hope they sort you out later and get your cough under control.

    I cough my guts up and makes my eyes stream.

    Keep us all posted and lots of hugs and love from Glynis xxxxx

    edit- we will have to sort out them troublesome froggies they are a pain xxxxx

  • Hi Granny,

    Definitely sounds like an attack to me - coughing is my main symptom too and if you're having to use the reliever 11 times that sounds like an asthma attack.

    Maybe have a chat with your asthma nurse about changing your preventer? Seems to me like you've been having deterioration for a while with symptoms increasing again? Sometimes it needs a juggle - I', on Seretide which I find good cos it has a long acting bronchodilator as well as the steroid - maybe it's worth asking?

    Best of luck!


  • Update

    Appt with my asthma nurse today. I'm now the proud possessor of both Prednisolone and Amoxicillin tablets.

    Explained I was back to square one, with coughing and spluttering, chest tight, feeling I'd been kicked by a mule etc. Also what had been happening today and yes, did sound like an asthma attack. Understood my reluctance to wake up DH for dash to NHS24, since I don't wheeze. Did say though, don't hesitate if feel reliever is really not stopping the symptoms or if the symptoms worsen. Just like the guidelines on this site.

    GP had a listen with stethoscope and despite nothing to hear, gave amoxicillin anyway as a just in case and said if the Pred. worked, I'd be skipping down the street within a day or two. That should be interesting - as last time I skipped I was about 15. 8)

  • Sounds like an attack as despite reliever you didn't get immediate effect and symptoms remained. Think it's same with shortness of breath without the cough. But your management plan needs to be discussed with dr or asthma nurse. Also should discuss wot symptoms u can seek attention with. If I fart wrong way my wife phones dr or ambulance now . After last attack she refuses to take amy chances as I got worse in the car. She says the paramedics get paid to drive u to hospital

  • Hope your feeling better granny. I had to increase my pred this week two weeks at getting down to 30 mg wasted. Tho compromised only increased to 35 mg

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