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Wind Tunnel Effect

Feeling a bit breathless and a bit tired today. Filling the dishwasher, I had the usual argument with myself - to Ventolin or not to Ventolin.

Then -

Heard one of the cats being sick (gulps his food) in the living room, went through with kitchen paper etc to clean up. Dropping the paper in the kitchen bin, I notice its full. Lift out the bin-liner and take outside to wheely-bin. Turn the corner of the house and the gale that's been blowing all day fairly catches me square in the face. Its like standing in a wind tunnel. I seem to take huge gulps of fresh air as I open the bin, deposit liner and close lid again.

Back in the house I'm placing a new liner in the kitchen bin before I notice Hey! I'm not breathless any more.

So there you have it folks - build your own wind tunnel, turn it up to max and breathe.

GM 8)

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PS 3 puffs of Venotlin necessary about an hour after I posted LOL.


This normally takes my breath away so i am even more breathless!


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