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May have been asked before. In which case my apologies. Did a search but couldnt find answer in past threads.


GP talked through the most common side effect ie gastric troubles.

Reading the leaflet in the pack, has got me thinking how strict do you have to be on the 'take on an empty stomach'? Leaflet suggests taking either one hour before a meal or not until two hours after a meal. Our meals tend not to be at set times so will be interesting (not) working out timings. Interested to hear from anyone else on Zafirlukast.

PS Anyone find a wee cuppa gets in the way or not.

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Rightly or wrongly I normally have my cup of tea first thing in the morning, personally I take mine before a meal as I have other tablets which do not mix together and have to be taken 2 hours apart so my morning is scheduled around the tablets. I would be interested to hear anyone else thoughts on the cup of tea issue, as not really thought about it before....


Don't know myself. It's a leukotriene receptor antagonist LTRA i.e. same class as montelukast aka singular. Wonder why one is tried over the other? Montelukast is take one in the evening and doesn't matter with food or not.


I swapped onto singulair instead of accolate becuase it was not agreeing with me...I do remember taking it before food though.


On Zafirlukast cos Singulair did nothing for peak flows. GP told me I'm on max dose of Seretide and there is nothing else they can give me beyond that. x@


Thanks GrannyMo, you've given me an idea. Also on max seretide, I've a 500 accuhaler now to save going through the 250 in a few weeks. Have you tried theophylline? Am going to ask asthma nurse about that after reading up on here etc. Waiting to get sinuses sorted and they hope that'll help asthma, if not referral then.

*Edit to add

Also been told there may be nothing else they can give me but were looking into it? Think that really means have reached the limits of what they have experience in dealing with maybe?


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