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Why do asthma nurses presume you know everything without being told?

My asthma seems to be on a downward spiral at the moment. Coughing my head off at a moments notice. Hubby works from home and phones go constantly. Most days, have to hurriedly rush through to another room as my cough strikes mid call. When the inhalers were at their best, quite used to going out with friends and not spluttering over food and drink. Past few weeks its been a complete pain to find I am almost back where I started. Two puffs of Seretide 250 x twice a day. When I asked could they give me something else, asthma nurse told me I was already on maximum medication. Singulair hadnt helped. So, sorry. Nothing more they could do for me.

Beating myself up about not coping on this highest dose and thinking all sorts of worst case scenarios for the past wee while. Asked for another asthma review with one of the other nurses in our practice. Turns out seretide 250 is the highest dose an asthma nurse can prescribe. Ditto only add-on they can offer is singulair. Explained that if I see a GP, then there are alternative inhalers and add-ons that he can offer. Why couldn't the first nurse explain it this way? That nurses can only give you certain meds?

Might get a better mini sleep tonight, knowing there is still a raft of meds out there to be tried.

GP appt next week. Keep you posted.

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Gotta say, i wondered if you put trick question up at first.

I dont know, but sorry you going through rough patch.

Hopefully your doc will be able to help, will keep fingers crossed for ya

Take care

Howie :)


GrannyMo, you sound like you're in a similar situation to me. Have posted on steroid inhaler i.e. Seretide reduction and options. There is guidelines available here from the British Thoracic Society Think when a G.P. or nurse says at max medication they mean what they can give or feel comfortable managing. Seretide 250 two puffs twice a day is the maximum licensed dose a doctor or nurse can give.

What an asthma nurse can prescribe is very much down to local protocol and training. Mine has to ask a G.P. for any new medication prescriptions but can advise on increasing current meds.

Sounds like you're having a rough time. Don't beat yourself up if you can help it, easier said than done I know. About worst case scenarios know what you mean but I try not to. Feel like I've been worse over the last few months. Howie, trick question? Not sure why you thought that. Grannymo, good luck with GP appt, hope you get things sorted out and feel better soon


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