Strange one. I'm so fatigued these past two days but haven't really been doing anything energetic. Last night out with friends, was designated driver. Normally I'd have several Cokes. In four hours, I'd one and a half. Wondering is it reaction to starting Singulair again or something else? I know you lot aren't med qualified but any ideas or similar stories?

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  • In the last few weeks i've been getting awful fatigue. I've just had no energy/will to do anything other than sit around, just out of interest have you been/are you on pred as i think that's whats caused it for me!

    If i find a miracle cure, i'll let you know!

    Annie x

  • Hi,

    I am also suffering from fatigue for a week or so, I have just finished another course of preds and put it down to that.

  • Hi,

    I am also suffering from fatigue for a week or so, I have just finished another course of preds and put it down to that.

  • Huh. Well I do remember that when I started taking singulair that my alcohol tolerance went way down...used to be able to drink at least a few drinks and all of a sudden I was getting the same effect from one drink.

    Also, do you take singulair at night? I've accidentally taken it in the morning a few times, and it does make me feel quite spacy when I do that. That and having asthma can make me tired. It's funny, fatigue to me is one of the hardest symptoms to shake, especially when it's bad.

    I hope you start getting more energy soon!


  • Taking Singulair last thing at night. Still dreadfully tired one week on. Also it's turned me into a wee radiator. So much so, some nights can't settle cos too warm. Lie there with am ice pole cos too tired to sit up. Tell you what, will be so glad when this six week trial is over. PFs are if anything lower even though still taking Ventolin occasionally through the day as still coughing when eating.

    Can see a bunch of wee red pred on the horizon if this doesn't buck up. :(

  • hi granny mo

    these past few weeks i have been really fatigued i have started my physio exercises up again to see if increasing my muscle tone will help, i wonder if it is the grey days and lack of sunshine? Try not to always blame medication, haev you been eating lots of fresh fruit and veg? Have you changed your food diet and had more junk food? It could jsut be your body needs more rest or you are coming down with something.


  • Oohh granny hope u avoid the little red numbers. Unfortunately they are little White numbers and taste minging. Pity the singulair doesn't seem to be working. Didn't work for me. I take accolate instead.

  • well it's weird and must be the weather, Thursday evening I just came home from work and went sleep, sod going for a run, Friday wasn't too bad but Saturday I slept all afternoon and a real early night and totally knackerd for no reason I can think off. Not much better this morning and making great use of the blue thing yesterday and over night, oh well feel bed may be handy again in a while Zzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  • Hi All,

    Putting it down to the weather. Seemed to be ok when we went out for the day. Sunny but blustery.

    So far, after first week, Singulair seems to have settled on side-effect of indigestion after eating anything like a ginger muffin or a ginger biscuit. Which is odd as I'd thought ginger soothed indigestion.


    Miffed and munching through packet of Rennies.

  • I have to admit that I've been feeling utterly exhausted recently, I figured it was lack of sleep because I get nocturnal asthma a lot. I'm spending between 12-16 hours a day sleeping (asthma permitting) and still feeling really drained, usually I function perfectly well on 6-8hours sleep. I guess it must be the weather or something if lots of you are feeling it too.

  • Feel so worn out also after a bad attack.

    resting up today and back work tomorrow x

  • I slept til 4pm today and didn't even realise strange that. I rarely sleep in daylight. It seems damper and colder are we hibernating then....


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