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Too tired to eat

Not sure why, but feel too tired to eat and cough has come back plus having the strange momentary headache that I got before asthma diagnosed. Out for early lunch, I'd to hold my coffee cup with both hands as shaking and teeth chattering so much. Left at least half of my favourite cheese & pickle toastie as too tired to eat. Walking home, I was telling myself 'one foot after another', like I used to tell my kids when they were dawdling up the road.

Seretide metered inhaler showing 12. Repeat prescription request won't be ready to pick up until Tuesday am. So should have enough till then.

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often i find i am too exhausted to eat, or too breathless even...

i find drinking plenty of sugary drinks, helps for energy levels... or eating little amounts of what you fancy- your favourite foods now and then when you can manage it, making sure you get plenty of rest :)

hope u r well x


Hey Granny,

Are you checking your PF? Sounds to me like an exacerbation. Are you able to step up to the next part of your action plan?

Hugs + feel better soon



Doesnt sound like you Grannymo. Keep an eye on things and go to GP if you dont improve. xxx


Doesn't sound too good G-Mo, take care, take things steady and get well soon.



Thought I'd better come on and let you know still in the land of the living. Taking salbutamol every three - four hours has helped and stopped the teeth chattering. Still not that hungry.


Glad that you are still with us G-Mo lol

Must admit that when I aren't good I don't fancy eating a proper meal but then I find that I can't stop snacking. Obviously all healthy snacks.......NOT!!!!



Lol Mark :)

Glad you're feeling a bit better Granny. I never want to eat when not well - one of the signs that things are not going well - it just takes too much effort when you're struggling a bit to breathe doesn't it? Too much energy.

Hope you continue to improve.



Oh dear, GrannyMo, I am sorry that you are suffering at the moment, I do hope you start to feel better soon


glad to hear ur on the mend grannymo :) xx

keep eating little and often and remembering to have plenty of fluids and plenty of rest.

having someone waiting on u hand + foot is even better ;)




Taken my salbutamol regularly every three hours today. Feel the better of it and now, at 1.30 am (night owl), I'm time for-bed tired instead of asthma-being-a-niggle tired. Cough still there on and off. At least the shakes have gone for now. Can hold a cup in one hand again - no shoogling. :)

Thanks for all the nice posts and messages.

Moira xox


Miffed. Ok, flipping angry. Asthma nurse not available. GP appt instead. Chest clear - oh surprise. Not! PF 360 - only cos been taking lots of salbutamol, I say. It's obviously working, they say.

Asked for pred. Told with PF at personal best and clear chest with no wheeze, don't fit criteria.

Result - To take 10 puffs of salbutamol every three to four hours. Apparently could do with different inhaler except she then noticed (I HAD SAID I'M ON SERETIDE 250) oh! on seretide 250? Two puffs twice a day? She looked up MIMS and told me I was on max dose already and was obviously working.

For whatever reason, cos I've come across this before with our GPs - for some god knows what reason - there would appear to be imaginary line with nothing beyond Seretide 250. Except singulair and GP seemed surprised hadn't worked for me plus I felt I could have been speaking gobbledygook for all the notice when talked about my bad dreams on it.

Mentioned too tired to eat on Saturday and being tired climbing stairs suddenly so she's suggested anaemia (?) and to go back On Wed morning to get bloods done.

To say I'm not happy is an understatement. How when previously I've been nipping up three flights of stairs carrying shopping, does a week of getting breathless on the stairs have me down as anaemic?

Tempted not to go.



They want spend a day in your shoes when not well xxx

whenp I went see my con I rang few days before to see if needed to stop meds the day before

and they said no.

So when they had me breathing in a lung function test ,they said it wasnt to bad,

told them had taken seretide,slophyllin,prirvia and steroids and montelucast it was going be ok.

told them i did ring up to see about stopping them from night before.

they look at you as making it up and we had a long talk with my con and his asthma nurse for over a

hour and half ,so was pleased with what we talked about and he agreed to tests and other things

and came away really happy.


GrannyMo, I know exactly how you feel. I've had the same when feeling absolutely awful, coughing up stuff and too breathless to do much - go to doctor (not my usual nice one mind) to be told my chest is clear and no need for any further action except take more Seretide (on 250 already) and Ventolin. It's disheartening.

Do go for the blood tests though - some of mine have shown up anaemia in the past and it's always worth checking. And if you dont go they will mark you down as uncooperative!! xxx



Hi folks.

Blood tests came back clear. Not anaemic or anything else. Today, managed to make emergency appt with Health Centre. Helped no doubt by my voice going very hoarse and quiet, the minute the receptionist answered - hubby thought I'd done it on purpose - appt immediately found for me.

New GP. Turned out to be our new Head of Practice. Excellent lass. Actually listened to me and didn't push me out of the door - as has happened in the past - on finding I'd a clear sounding chest and no wheeze. Clipped on that wee thing that checks oxygen flow. Apparently ok-ish. (Whatever that means). Resulting in prescription for Serevent to cut down the Salbutamol use.

Didn't think of asking how it should be taken, until I put prescription into chemist. Different chemist than usual, and fortunately (rare one, this), the chap knew about asthma and was able to tell me not to take as I take Salbutamol (which I'd thought you did) but as two puffs, twice a day along with my present Seretide 250.

Crossing fingers does the trick. Will hear me on the rant & moan thread, if doesn't.

Moira xox


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