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Hi folks. My cold has kept me somewhat busy and I've not really clocked in here much. My faltering radar has picked up that some folks on here are/were not too good. I really wish you well again and hope to be more hunk-dory myself once this stinker of a cold has gone. This cold has made me distinctly doo-ally and I forget what someone has told me just two minutes before. Going to the doc on Monday if still like this over the weekend. On the plus side the asthma hasn't been a bother - crosses fingers big style. So forgive me if I haven't been keeping up to date with happenings on here.

Love and hugs from a sniffly, snuffly and generally pretty fed up GrannyMo.

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  • wish you better grannie mo. we are on the mend in my household, at last!! its been a stinker of a cold. take care.xx

  • Och, poor you. I hope you're well on the mend now.Take it easy and be good to yourself. Big hug for you. x

  • must admit i havent been on much as too tired but when i have i did notice that you hadnt posted so good to see you back. hope your cold is gone very soon x

  • Thank you for your good wishes. Beginning to think it's my town, I've become allergic to. At home, the nose runs with thicker mucus - sorry if I've put anyone off their tea - and eye lids feel red raw though nothing to see when look in the mirror. Plus feeling I'm cold to my bones. Today I put on tshirt, cashmere jumper, ugh boots and still felt cold.

    Away from Home, I'm feeling fine and decidedly overheated in all my layers of clothing. Everyone else in shirt sleeves around me. Lol

  • GM, wishing you speedy recovery and everyone else. must confess I've not checked in much this last week, been out of it myself since last friday, but feeling loads better now.

  • Edit: I have removed my post from last night cos it was basically a 'feeling sorry for myself' grump that should've really been on rant&moan thread.

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